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Ekdix: Dreams and Memories, an isekai RPG by Izure Ayame ka Kakitsubata, has received an AI translation on DLsite.

Ekdix: Dreams and Memories is an isekai fantasy RPG, in which the game's protagonist was once a lazy man who lacked any respect towards women. After his death, he meets with a goddess, who promptly decides that in his next life, he should be a woman. She then reincarnates him into the body of a young, yet already mature girl. Upon nearly the moment he first opens his eyes, robbed men take advantage of the protagonist and rape his new, female body.

After being used, the hero-turned-heroine decides that she’ll take revenge on the men and departs searching for the nearest village. Despite her high hopes, it quickly becomes apparent that most men in this world are after her body. Whether it be town guards, shopkeepers, or even the local innkeeper, everyone will take the first excuse they get to abuse the heroine.

Despite this, her quest is to track down the robes, and she doesn’t plan to stop. The loose goal of Ekdix: Dreams and Memories grants players lots of freedom in how they explore the world. The game's towns hide erotic events and quests to discover, while dungeons are filled with roaming monsters. The combat is turn-based, with the heroine learning new skills by leveling up, as well as by opening chests. Additionally, taking damage shreds the heroine’s armor. While monsters don’t always abuse the heroine, losing in battle usually means she’ll be violated once again.

Sexual activities gradually change the heroine’s outlook on eroticism, unlocking new scenes and interactions. There are 58 erotic scenes to discover, with 30 CGs spread throughout them.

Ekdix: Dreams and Memories is now available on DLsite for $13.97 (estimated from ¥2,090). Once you purchase the game, you can then download the game's free and newly-released AI translation patch.

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