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SISTERITUAL, Ammolite’s supernatural incest nukige, is now available for purchase on JAST USA and MangaGamer.

Published by Shiravune, SISTERITUAL is a supernatural visual novel centered around the Kusuzuki Shrine and the family that has sworn to protect it. An evil spirit was sealed within the shrine by the family to prevent it from harming others. Unfortunately, the seal is imperfect and the spirit's miasma is able to escape. With each generation, masters of the shrine are trained to carry the miasma within their bodies and eliminate it.

After the late master of the shrine died at an early age, his son, Yahiro, was to become the next master—but he was still too young to accept the role. Since there was no master to absorb the miasma, it poured into the earth freely, causing the land to decay. After a few years, Yahiro finally came of age, with all the remaining miasma flooding into his body; however, he wasn’t yet prepared for his new role and didn’t understand what being a master of the shrine entailed. His grandmother finally calls upon him to explain everything in full: the seal, the miasma, his role, why this is happening to him, and the ceremony. The only way Yahiro can destroy the miasma within his body is by having sex with the shrine maidens: his sisters Maina and Suzu.

At the Kusuzuki Shrine built to seal away the wicked one...

For generations, the masters of the shrine have served their duty to protect the people of the land.

However, this seal is not perfect.

Miasma pours out, ever so slightly.

And so with every generation, the masters of the shrine must carry this miasma in their bodies and eliminate it.

One day, the previous master of the shrine passed away. His son, Yahiro, inherited his father’s role, but he was too young to partake in the inheritance ceremony...

Little by little, the miasma seeped into the earth, and the land began to decay.

Years passed until Yahiro was at last old enough to perform the inheritance ceremony and accept his role as master of the shrine.

The flood of miasma naturally gathered inside of Yahiro and started to eat away at him.

With no preparation, no knowledge, he still had no idea what the true role of the master was.

Several months later...

Yahiro is summoned by his grandmother, and finds out the truth.

About the seal. About the miasma that gathers inside him.

About the strange things that are happening to him.

And about the ceremony in order to prevent them...

The ceremony involves him... having sex with the shrine maidens.

He must unite bodies with his older sister, Maina, and his younger sister, Suzu.

You can purchase SISTERITUAL on JAST USA for $24.99 and MangaGamer for $24.95.

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