You will never be the same again

FUCKOMOTIVE, Ammolite’s nukige visual novel, has been published by Shiravune on MangaGamer and JAST USA.

FUCKOMOTIVE is a nukige that follows the story of a businessman who meets two needy girls after a job transfer. Daime Iwaku’s job transferred him from Tokyo to a small town in the middle of nowhere. He’ll be running the local sales branch all by himself, so the office will be pretty lonely compared to his time at the Tokyo branch. On his first commute to work, the train seemed to be completely empty—until a blonde girl with a fake tan called out to him. Despite her gyaru appearance, the girl, Yuki Nishikida, claimed to be the train conductor and barraged Iwaku with all sorts of questions throughout the duration of the commute.

When they reached his stop, the conductor looked disappointed, but started making plans to take Iwaku back home after work. Without asking for his permission, she shoehorned her way into his daily routine. If one girl wasn’t bad enough, a bookworm with a black bobbed haircut, named Ayame Mikami, has also forced her way into his life. Both girls clearly want to be with him, but it's unclear just which girl Iwaku will end up choosing.

It all started when I got transferred from Tokyo to a local sales branch in small-town Japan.

On my first commute to work, I find the train completely empty.

With everyone moving to bigger cities these days, I guess I can't be surprised.

It's just... I'm apparently running the branch office all on my own...

I guess it's gonna get pretty lonely for me out here in the middle of nowhere...

"Hey you, the guy in the suit!"

Out of nowhere, a blonde babe with a fake-orange tan casually sidles up to me.

Despite her thick makeup and gyaru looks, she claims she's the train conductor.

"So, mister! Where were you working before?

And where're you working now? Oh, also..."

She bombards me with incessant questions for the entire ride.

By the time I get to my stop, I'm already worn out with exhaustion.

"Bummer. I guess this is your stop, huh.

How long does it take from your place?

I can time it just right if you like~"

As you can see, I barely have any say in the matter...

Before I know it, she's already half-forced herself into my life!

And I haven't even told you about the other girl yet!

Cute, bookish, short black hair... So which one do I pick?

You can purchase FUCKOMOTIVE on MangaGamer for $24.95 and on JAST USA for $24.99.

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