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Paintings Thief, a fantasy stealth game by madsug, has received a re-released on DLsite.

Paintings Thief is a stealth game centered on revenge. Players take the role of Mircia, a mature woman who used to be a thief in her prime. She eventually married an artist, who was recently swindled by a greedy merchant: his prized masterpiece was stolen away and he didn’t even get paid for the job. Seeking to take revenge for her beloved, Mircia dusts off her thieving skills and breaks into the merchant’s manor to retrieve the painting.

The game features elements of both stealth and combat. Players are expected to sneak around the compound using Mircia’s assortment of tools. Most targets can be avoided entirely or taken down with a single backstab. The only major exception to this are bosses, which await the player at the end of each stage. Defeating enemies and looting the stage rewards players with gold, which can unlock new items and spells for Mircia, thereby offering new ways to sneak by or behind foes.

If Mircia fails in her quest, enemies will be quick to take advantage of her. There are 8 defeat events in the game, with a total of 32 CGs to unlock. Players can choose from three difficulty modes, making the gallery easily available for anyone interested.

An artist with no fame tied to his name, managed to created something of a masterwork by accident.

And with it strikes a hammer at the auction house with a price so high, the creator could've never imagine.

Followed by it, is a ill-hearted dealer looking to exploit the artist's innoncence, some slick talk, a few lies here and there, and the artist is forced to hand him the art.

However, the wife of the artist “Mercia” has discovered the dealer's lies, and is looking to teal it back, and punish him as well!

Paintings Thief is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $4.13 (estimated from ¥616) until November 2nd, at which point it will cost $5.90 (estimated from ¥880). In the past, the game was also released on Steam, where it remains available for $5.99. A demo of the game is also available on DLsite.

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