Putting the D in the double D.

Hangover Cat Purrroduction’s office debauchery visual novel, A Promise Best Left Unkept, is Available on Steam and Itch.io.

Developed by the creator behind NTR’d By Clumsiness and The Edge of, Hangover Cat Purrroduction, A Promise Best Left Unkept is an NTR visual novel where a man’s drive desire for success unfortunately leads to an encounter with his bully from high school. Harry is a diligent and cooperative office worker who gets along with everyone at his firm. When he started going out with Laura, his strict coworker, he promised that he will become just as successful professionally as she is.

Eventually, Harry managed to score a major deal with a subcontracting firm and is on his way to earn a promotion if nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately for him, the representative of the subcontracting firm is his high school bully Luca. Adding insult to injury, while Luca remembers Harry, he treats him like an old friend. What is the meaning behind Luca’s actions and can Harry keep his composure while working with him?

The game can be viewed from multiple perspectives. There are over one-hundred-forty CGs, sixty animated sex scenes, and eight endings. Hangover Cat also released Bonus Scenes [Season 1], a DLC collection of six scenes produced by the Hangover Cat community and written by HSelf.


Harry is a hard-working, cooperative, and loveable office worker whose prospect has been particularly bright ever since he started going out with Laura, his coworker, and made her a promise that he would aim to match her professional success. He's a hopeless romantic and would do almost anything to help a friend in need.


While her look definitely defines accurately her personality, Laura has been steadily softening as her relationship with Harry has become a more and more important part of her life. She's strict, but usually fair. Though if you're dead weight, she won't blink an eye before casting you aside.


As the most useless employee in the office, Aya seems to almost make a point out of it daily. Luckily, she's working under Harry, which gives her a lot of leeway in terms of procrastinating. She's secretly in love with him, and won't hesitate to use her modest bosom to capture him like she would a dungeon in the video games she always plays during work hours!


Luca is the representative of the subcontracting company that hired Harry's firm in order to develop a mobile app for them. He's very laidback and hardly finds anything interesting. Coincidentally, he's also Harry's childhood bully, although he's weirdly acting as though Harry is now his best buddy.


Sandra is Laura's mother. The two of them have been estranged ever since Sandra ran away with another man, leaving Laura behind with her single dad. But that's in the past. At least that's what Sandra is hoping. She's come back in Laura's life and has been actively trying for the past year to build a bridge between them. She's charming, kind-hearted, and still holds a touch of youthfulness.

You can purchase A Promise Best Left Unkept on Steam for $24.99 and Itch.io for $25.00. The DLC, Bonus Scenes [Season 1], can be bought on Itch.io for $1.99 and on sale from Steam for $1.79. The sale on Steam ends on October 12th.

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