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Action Game WILD SEX: WET GIRLS Now Available on Steam

WILD SEX: WET GIRLS, a 3D slasher by Octo Games, is now available on Steam.

WILD SEX: WET GIRLS is a supernatural action western. Players take the role of a female guardian — a protector of the realm guided by a magical necklace. An otherworldly guide calls on her to stop an evil that awoke in the Wild West.

The game consists of a set of missions, all of which boil down to defeating zombies in various areas around deserted towns. Tasks vary from simply clearing an area out of monsters to doing so within a time limit, or while defending an important objective. The heroine can perform several combos based on the timing of button presses, as well as utilize air juggles and sift dodges.

Completing missions awards players with funds, which can be used to increase the heroine’s max health or purchase a stronger blade. Additionally, clearing each mission unlocks a new erotic cutscene. The erotic content of the game is separate from its gameplay and story. All cutscenes are pre-rendered with no camera options or other additional settings, usually portraying the heroine engaged in casual sex with one of the game’s monsters.

Welcome to the captivating world of the game WILD SEX: WET GIRLS! Immerse yourself in the thrilling setting of the Wild West, where you face the most dangerous challenge - survival in a world overrun by zombies. This third-person game combines the tension of a shooter, action-packed gameplay, and adrenaline into one captivating package.

WILD SEX: WET GIRLS is not just a game; it's a perilous adventure where you find yourself in the shoes of an unyielding heroine, ready to stand against waves of zombie apocalypse. Embark on missions where every step brings you closer to restoring order in the chaos. Each mission is a risk and an opportunity to earn rewards and adult content. Your skills and strategic thinking will be crucial for successfully completing tasks.

You'll have the opportunity to experience massive battles, annihilating hordes of enemies, defending crucial points, and clearing dangerous locations. The weapons in your hands and your combat prowess are what make you a true heroine of this world.

WILD SEX: WET GIRLS is not just about adrenaline and battles; it's also about unforgettable visual impressions that unfold alongside adult content, tailored for players' convenience. Conquer the danger, earn rewards, and savor an exceptional gaming experience in "Wild Sex: Wet Girls". The time has come to strike back against the zombies and secure humanity's survival alongside the unyielding heroine of the game!

WILD SEX: WET GIRLS is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $6.19 until October 7th, at which point it will cost $9.99.

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