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Secret Agent, ensemble's romance visual novel, has been published by NekoNyan on Steam, JAST USA, Denpasoft, and MangaGamer.

Secret Agent is a romantic comedy, in which a ninja-in-training infiltrates a school. Mikage Jin comes from a long line of ninjas who have discreetly managed national security since the Edo period. Wanting to follow in his mother’s footsteps, he becomes a ninja in training and receives a mission from his superiors: Jin must go undercover as a student at Touka Academy and investigate a series of incidents enacted by someone going by the name “Bat.”

Jin manages to infiltrate the academy without issue, managing to avoid drawing any unwanted suspicion. While investigating the school with his AI companion, Momoka, he still makes time to bond with his fellow students: Kanon Mayfield, Shirogane Kagura, Renjouji Mai, and Amenomori Yui. The mission was proceeding smoothly until an unfortunate accident exposed Jin’s identity. Under normal circumstances, the mission would be considered a failure, but it was saved with just one phrase, “Please make me a ninja!” Jun will now have to find a way to complete his mission despite this unexpected setback.

Amenomori Yui

Twin sister to Rise, a first year with a talent for coding who seeks to enter the research institute part of the Academic City on her own merits.

A serious girl who is, herself, a prodigy, she nonetheless has an inferiority complex toward her older sister, who is an outright genius. She is somewhat socially awkward, not the least of which because she has spent most of her life devoting herself to her studies, but she is kind enough to be willing to help if someone really needs it and asks openly and honestly.

Kanon Mayfield

A foreign student from overseas.

Able to treat all people fairly no matter who they may be. Has a straightforward personality and is often relied upon by those around her.

However, when it comes to tales of ninjas, she becomes so enthusiastic that she almost seems like a different person entirely. She wants to becomes a ninja herself, and practices her ninja skills at the shrine near her school.

Renjouji Mai

The daughter of a family that once led one of the pre-war ’zaibatsu’ mega-corporations of Japan.

She is currently the Captain of the Knights, and she wields a parrying dagger and rapier in matches. She is an effective leader, but her sense of humor and tendency to persistently try to recruit people she thinks will be useful to the knighthood can be off-putting. She is the head of the faction in the knighthood focused on reforming the system, which in the past has had a tendency toward corruption.

Shirogane Kagura

The daughter of an old and strict Japanese family.

She is extremely self-disciplined and tends to take a neutral stance or that of a moderator in terms of the knighthood’s internal conflicts. She won the previous year’s Festival and as a result gained the title of Weiss. She wields a standard straight sword in combat, and her style is focused on countering her opponent’s moves. She hates lies and liars.

You can purchase Secret Agent on sale for $21.36 from Denpasoft, $22.20 from MangaGamer, and $22.24 from Steam and JAST USA. After October 6th, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $24.99. If you do plan to buy the game on Steam, remember to download the 18+ Patch from NekoNyan’s site.

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