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Appollo Seven has published the magical girl eroge, At the Mountains of Friendship, on

At the Mountains of Friendship is an autobattler where an alien entity recruits girls and one effeminate boy into becoming magical girls to fight monsters out to destroy reality. The entity grants them the ability to transform into outfits that embody each of their fetishes. As they continue to fight, the bonds they have made with their comrades grow stronger, but they also realize that they’re gradually becoming hornier.

You can have up to five magical girls in your party at a time. Use eldritch power to buy magical girls, items, and shuffle out the stock. Three magical girls and one item will be available for purchase each turn, but you have a limited amount of eldritch power you can use. If you don’t like what is in the store, you can use a bit of eldritch power to shuffle the selection in hopes of better choices.

There are ten characters you can recruit, each one with their own sexual theme and ability. You're able to unlock story events and additional love events with other magical girls by completing battles. Love events with other girls can be obtained by having one magical girl fight a monster alongside other girls. By completing the story events and love events between girls, you can collect sex scenes, but make sure to keep your characters alive. If one of your magical girls dies in battle, she will be removed from your party and all progress involving her will be reset.

Apollo Seven plans to add more content in the game in the future such as more girls, scenes, abilities, costumes, items, and other features. They are currently working on new progression systems, asynchronous multiplayer, and an android version.


Recruit magical girls to help contain the damage you're doing to their reality. Sure it might make them go crazy, but what's a few ruined lives compared to saving all of time and space? Saving it from you, but that's not important.


Form bonds between your girls to make them stronger in battle. Different pairings have different potential for how good friends they can become with each other, up to and including being lovers. Each girl has two others she can form a romantic bond with, sex scene included! With the power of friendship, anything is possible!


This first release has 40 sex scene CGs, with each girl having her own storyline about her descent into corruption. The more she fights and is exposed to your eldritch energy, the hornier she gets.


Each girl has her own sexual theme and aesthetic. Build a team based on who works best together, or who you just want to see have sex. One may be more optimal, but the other might be more fun. Fetishes themes include bondage, femdom, free use, tentacles, cuckoldry, gangbang, and more!

You can download At the Mountains of Friendship for free on If you enjoyed the game, consider checking out Appollo Seven’s Patreon.

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