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3D Custom Lady Maker, a character creator and sex simulator by Hypersthene, is now available for purchase on JAST USA.

3D Custom Lady Maker is a sex simulator with an advanced character creation tool set. The game has no story or narrative context; players are free to create whatever female character they’d like to see and have them play a part in the game’s list of available sex scenes.

The character creation tool set allows for customizing the head and body shapes, including breast sizes, widths of various body parts, and muscle mass. Players can compose the heroine’s hairstyle using front and back pieces, combined with texture settings. The heroine’s clothing can be picked out from different sets of tops, bottoms, brassieres, pants, socks, and shoes. Finally, her voice can be chosen from a set of different options during the creation process, while her mood can be set while launching the sex simulation mode.

The sex simulation takes place in the game's situation mode. Users choose whether to have a custom or preset female character and what mood she should be in from among the choices of pure, neutral and chaotic. Five areas are available for the mode: the President’s Office, SM Room, Bathroom, Night Pool and a lobby. Once the scene starts, various animations can be triggered from a list of friendly, foreplay, and sex interactions. Triggering each animation advances the excitement bar, which has to reach a certain value for the sex and ejaculation options to become available.

3D Custom Lady Maker is a custom character creator with a tendency towards the titillating. Create and customize the anime-style lady of your dreams in full, thrilling 3D, from the comfortingly two-dimensional perspective of your own computer monitor! A selection of fine professionally-acted Japanese voices is included for your enjoyment.


- Edit, save, and load up to 80 custom characters!

- Three pre-customized characters to use as a starting point!

- Adjust the lighting and camera for a sexy photo shoot!

- Select and freely color clothing items and hair styles from eleven different categories!

- Change your character's face, body, and voice to your whim with dozens of options and adjustable sliders!

- Accessory items can be freely scaled and rotated into all manner of improbable configurations!

- Take your custom character into Situation Mode to hug her fondly, enjoy a lovely lap pillow, or engage in marginally more risqué friendship activities! Now with adjustable Man Opacity!

What are you waiting for? Get in there, opaque your man, and make your own custom lady!

3D Custom Lady Maker is now available on JAST USA for $4.99.

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