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Queen of the Otaku: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE, a rape-centric nukige by Appetite, has been published by Shiravune on JAST USA.

Queen of the Otaku: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE is a nukige about a struggle at a college manga club, which quickly gets out of hand. The local college’s manga club always had just a handful of members, including only one female attendant: the cosplay enthusiast, Ai Himeki. The young girl was enjoying manga with her friends, even being treated nicely by the boys in return. This year, her presence as the sole female of the club came to an end, as a new girl, Mahiro Hanasaki, decided to join.

While Hanasaki holds an interest in manga and pop culture in general, she largely joined the club for the attention. She’s great at getting people’s praise, expecting the nerd club to be starved for feminine affection. While she enjoys her time at the club, she feels threatened by Ai's presence, having never planned to share the spotlight. Mahiro decides to deal with the issue swiftly, making up stories about Ai to turn the club against her.

What initially seems to be the premise of an innocent slice-of-life comedy quickly spirals into a dark story of sexual abuse, sadism, and masochism. Appetite takes the concept of a female rivalry to brutal and unexpected extremes in a short story of blackmail and sexual exploitation.

"My name is Hajime Namikawa.

I'm just your everyday university student, and I belong to the Manga Club, which—you guessed it—is really just the nerd club.

But there's one beautiful rose among our motley crew: Ai Himeki, who always has a smile and a kind word for any of us.

She keeps the atmosphere warm and friendly, making the club the nice place that it is.

This year, though, we've got a new first-year member: Mahiro Hanasaki.

She joined our club for some reason, even though she's cool and popular-looking.

Everybody is starting to love her already, since she seems so interested and doesn't look down on us.

Can you guess what the problem is?"

Queen of the Otaku: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE is now available on JAST USA for the promotional price of $14.99 until September 25th, at which point it will cost $11.99.

The visual novel was previously made available on Johren and Steam, where it remains available at the same price as the new JAST release. Adult content for the Steam version of the title will have to be installed using a patch found on the publisher’s website.

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