Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Paradiso Guardian, a homoerotic fantasy Metroidvania by Team Lv.266, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Paradiso Guardian is a fantasy Metroidvania set on a floating castle guarded by the boisterous battle angel, Lenga. The angels of Paradiso, demons of Inferno, and the humans of the world in-between managed to maintain an intricate balance—one currently threatened by the demon’s invasion of the floating castle at the edge of Paradiso. Lenga, a young angel, has to rush toward the top of the castle to repel the attack and find out what motivated the demons to take over the castle, to begin with.

Players will explore the floating castle while controlling Lenga. During his search for a path through the floating castle, Legna will have to face the demon army, defeating common soldiers and powerful bosses, as well as collecting new items and abilities. He will also cross paths with strong, handsome demons and angels, such as the Archangel Radian, the dark-skinned demon of the library, Vitos, and the youthful oni prince, Shutendouji. While they initially appear as enemies, they end up offering their aid to Lenga in his quest to restore order.

Paradiso Guardian is an ARPG in Metroidvania style.

Play as Lenga Valentine, a battle angel from the Paradiso Army,

you are going to reclain a floating castle invaded by unknown forces.

Friendly or hostile, Lenga will encounter a few of interesting guys during his journey.

Once defeated, they will lend a hand to Lenga, helping him reaching the top of the castle,

where the truth shall be revealed.

Main Features

- Explore a Semi-Linear castle with various enemies.

- Satisfying battle with tight and fluid control.

- Handcrafted 2D pixel art aiming at 16-bit era.

- Persuade your friends and enemies and make bond with them.

- A bunch of food/equipment/relics to collect.

- Discover the world of Paradiso.

Paradiso Guardian is now available on Steam for $29.99.

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