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The mind control nukige Hypno-Mart can now be purchased from JAST USA.

Hypno-Mart is a corruption story made by Appetite that was published in English by Shiravune. The protagonist, Sadao Shinoda, is a manager at a convenience store, but he has got one of the worst employees working for him — Airi Kurusu. She is a blonde part-timer who works the night shift but she isn’t useful at all. She is lazy, rude to customers, and doesn’t take her job seriously. The store is severely understaffed, so Sadao needs all the help he can get, but Airi is more detrimental than anything else.

While firing her would be the best course of action, unfortunately, it won’t be enough. Airi won’t learn her lesson and continue to be a lazy bitch. When he finds an ad online for a hypnotic product that can change a person’s heart and mind, Sadao thinks he just found what will solve his troublesome employee problem. The website doesn’t look too reliable, but even if this doesn’t work out, he plans to fire Airi anyways.


(I give her a job and this is the thanks I get!)

She's covering the late shift part-time, and her name is Airi Kurusu.

She's rude, disrespectful, and lazy to boot.

She treats the customers like trash.

She's completely useless as an employee!

The shop is chronically understaffed—we need anyone we can get who has two hands and two working brain cells.

But at this point I'm not sure she meets our standards.

Firing isn't good enough for her.

Somebody has got to teach this girl a lesson, and as always, the Internet has a solution.

""SUPER EASY! Change hearts and minds NOW with HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION!!!""

It might not be the world's most legit-looking link, but I'm just going to fire her anyway.

It can't hurt to give it a shot.

You can purchase Hypno-Mart on sale from JAST USA for $10.49. When the sale ends, the game’s price will return to $14.99. The game was previously released on Steam and Johren as well.

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