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Deport This Dick! ~ It's Bigger Than My Husband's ~, a nukige by Appetite, has been published by Shiravune on JAST USA.

Deport This Dick! ~ It's Bigger Than My Husband's ~ is an NTR nukige about an unfaithful fiancé proving too much for two generations of the Awamura family. Yaya Awamura was studying abroad for the past two years. Through a lack of planning, she ends up impregnated by her new boyfriend, Drake, and decides to marry him. Since she wants her family to be present for her wedding, she returns to Japan, wanting to hold the ceremony in her home country.

Yaya introduces Drake Richards to her mother, Nonoko, explaining her situation. Nonoko doesn’t trust Drake, believing that in true love, sex comes after marriage. After keeping a close eye on the foreigner, she realizes that he’s been cheating on Yaya. Together with his friend Cory, Drake has been going out to hook up with local woman every day. Appalled by the young man’s behavior, Nonoko decides to expose his infidelity; however, after confronting him directly, she ends up shocked by his sexual prowess.

Nonoko’s daughter Yaya is back in Japan again after two years of studying abroad. With a young black man named Drake Richards.

“Is that why she’s finally back to visit? To introduce him to us? I’d best make him feel right at home.”

If only it were that simple.

“Actually... I’m pregnant with his child and the wedding thing just kinda came afterwards. Just thought you should know.”

An unplanned baby AND a shotgun wedding! This isn’t the first time Yaya has made a mess of things and expected her to clean up...

“When you truly love someone, you plan ahead—marriage is supposed to come before all that other stuff! Now I guess it’s up to me to test if he’s really husband material...”

Grandma-to-be Nonoko soon discovers Drake has been out about town picking up girls with fellow foreigner Cory. And not just once, but daily!

(I'll just have to show my daughter who this Drake guy really is...)

Using Drake’s dirty secret against him, Nonoko attempts to blow his cover once and for all, but... what happens next surprises even herself?!

Deport This Dick! ~ It's Bigger Than My Husband's ~ is now available on JAST USA for the promotional price of $8.99 until September 25th, at which point it will cost $14.99.

In the past, the game was also released on Johren and Steam under the name "Slippery Richard! ~ He’s Taller Than My Husband ~". It remains available for purchase in both stores at the same discounted price. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch available on Johren.

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