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DeeOddGames published their texting-centered otome game, BUNNY BOND, on

We have previously written about BUNNY BOND when it was on Kickstarter, back in January 2023. This is an otomege primarily set in an online and text messaging format. In the game, you play as a participant in a paid research study on human communication through online interaction. You are sent to an apartment that you cannot leave for ten days and talk with six other participants in your group through a group chat room and direct messaging. Luckily for you, everyone in your group is a hot guy. Take this opportunity to slide into their DMs and exchange naughty selfies.

There are six love interests and seven different endings. Each character has six pictures that they can send you. The guys also have their own kinks and, depending on the character route you choose, you will either be submissive or dominant in the relationship. Some scenes include petplay, bondage, edging, sex toys, lingerie, overstimulation, and more.

- Nameable Main Character!- You can make the game experience as personal (or impersonal) as you want!

- That’s A Lot Of Art!- Each character has 6 pictures they can send to you, ranging from funny and sweet to downright naughty.

- And A Lot Of Words!- There are 30,000 words of story before it branches into the routes. From there, each route has roughly 20,000 words each.

- Six Guys To Romance!- And the best part? They all think you’re the bee’s knees! Who DOESN’T want 6 hot guys battling for their affection?

- Seven Endings!- Enjoy bonding with the man of your choice and seeing their climax-- in more ways than one.

You can purchase BUNNY BOND on for $20.00. It will also be coming to Steam eventually, but there is no release date, as of now.

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