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Maid Slaves & Golden Dungeon, a roguelike by nikukyu, has been published by 072 Project on Steam.

Maid Slaves & Golden Dungeon is a roguelike love story about the romance between an unlikely pair. During the war, a female general known as Ria became a captive and was given away as a slave to one of the soldiers: the story’s protagonist. Over the years, they developed a pure relationship together, slowly growing attached to one another. Now, the protagonist wants to grant Ria her freedom—but needs a million gold to do so.

To earn the necessary funds, the pair decides to delve into the local dungeon. The labyrinth, spanning 60 floors, is randomly generated every time the player decides to explore it, featuring unpredictable encounters and new treasures. Though the dungeon floors are teeming with monsters, the battle against them is optional. Both the player and Ria increase their power and unlock new abilities by upgrading their equipment with discovered resources, rather than through leveling up.

Other than exploring the floors and fighting monsters, players have to keep track of their hunger and thirst. The goal of the game is to simply gather the required funds within the dungeon. Over the course of the adventure, Ria will invite the player to have sex, even if simply take a break within the dungeon.

By chance, the general who was captured became a prisoner of war in the enemy country.

I also obtained the slave rights of her and made her a maid, but we have a bad relationship.

I really miss the time when I lived in poverty and worried about my future life alone...

Her cold expression back then has become much softer now,

While saying, ""Master, when do you wake up? You said you wanted to go to the dungeon today, right?""

And she woke me up with a "blow".

A few years after that terrible encounter, today, I go to the dungeon to earn money with the former general who now is my maid!

Maid Slaves & Golden Dungeon is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $5.59 until September 22nd, at which point it will cost $6.99.

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