If it's a hole, it's a goal.

HoneyCome come come party, a sex simulator and the first release from ILLGAMES, is now available for purchase on Steam.

HoneyCome come come party is a character customization and sex simulation game, featuring a high-fidelity anime art style and a complex character creation system. Players take the role of a new visitor to the HoneyCome, a love hotel of sorts where they can stay as long as they want, meeting and having carnal relations with various heroines of their own design.

Players can customize heroines by choosing their facial and body features, adjusting proportions, selecting clothes, attaching accessories, and choosing personality traits. At any time, the player can call on a girl to set up a short meeting and invite her out for intimate fun. Alternatively, it’s possible to explore the small lobby of HoneyCome, where the girls will sometimes loiter around, offering a simple conversation system with randomized dialogue based on the chosen personality traits.

Inviting a heroine to have sex transfers the player to the animation menu. There, multiple poses can be picked from a large catalog, including traditional and BDSM options, as well as threesomes and even lesbian sex. As players engage with their heroines, they will inevitably unlock various achievements granting access to new sex poses, locations for having sex, and extra options.

HoneyCome come come party is the premiere title from ILLGAMES, a development studio created following the recent dissolution of the ILLUSION brand.


Discover the ultimate in character customization.

Mold your perfect partner to your exacting specifications, then fall in love—or descend into the deepest depths of carnal desire...


In HoneyCome come come party, you can dare to dream. Reach into your well of love and lust and pull out a glittering jewel—the image of your perfect partner. Our character creator lets you craft the love of your life or the succubus for your sins.

Don't stop at just a sculpted form—add a personality of your choice to truly create your one and only.

HoneyCome come come party is now available on DLsite for $59.74 (estimated from ¥8,800), as well as on Steam for $69.99.

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