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Mage of the Olekta Desert, a stealth RPG by baron sengia, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

Mage of the Olekta Desert puts players in the shoes of Aisha, a lifelong thief-turned-adventurer,, as she takes on a mission from the adventurer’s guild to deliver a letter. The recipient is a renowned magician living deep in the harsh Olecta Desert. In order to reach him, Aisha will have to venture through ancient ruins—which have become the territory of bandits in recent times.

The game is a sequel to Escape from Fortress Lugohm, reconnecting players with the heroine. Since Mage of the Olekta Desert sees Aisha departing on an entirely separate quest, knowledge of the first game isn’t required, although gameplay is similar between the two titles. Aisha has access to a limited number of items as she tries to sneak by bandits and cultists roaming the ruins. She will also have to avoid traps and navigate through maze-like areas.

Players are advised to make use of cunning and stealth to progress through the game. Bandits can be faced head-on in turn-based combat, but doing so is ill-advised: Aisha isn’t equipped to clear out the entire ruins of criminals. If she were to fail in battle, the bandits would take her prisoner, turning her into a sex slave. There are around 24 erotic scenes in the game, all of which depict various forms of abuse.

Aisha, a crafty, quick-witted thief in the Adventurer's Guild, takes on a mission to deliver a letter to a mage who lives in the infamous Olekta Desert. To reach him, she must get through a heavily guarded cavern, traverse perilous, trap-filled ruins, and defeat unhinged bandits and cultists. Along the way, there will be many dangers... perhaps even a dreadful dragon. Will Aisha be able to survive and find her way to the mage safely?

In this turn-based puzzle RPG, you control Aisha and try to solve the mysteries of the Olekta Ruins. Don't forget that you'll have limited equipment and gear! Also, fighting head-on isn't exactly Aisha's forte, so you'll have to be creative in finding your way through the safeguarded caverns, ruins, and traps within.

Invest points into Aisha's assassination skills to deal with enemies directly, or simply get around by sneaking past any possible threat! She can also learn other skills that help her avoid fights! There are many paths you can take to complete her mission.

Mage of the Olekta Desert is now available on Steam and Kagura Games for $12.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately, using a patch available on the publisher’s website.

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