Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Sirberia Front, a military strategy game by Pasture Soft, has been published and is now available for purchase on JAST USA.

Sirberia Front takes place in an alternate future, in which the terrorist organization, Sidra, has mounted a global offensive and successfully captured much of Iraq and Europe. As a new commander of the United Nations, you join one of its remaining fronts to help repel the enemy. The game features three story routes with different heroines: the European front, the African front, and an unlockable Sidra terrorist campaign.

The gameplay of Sirberia Front consists of managing your territory on a global scale and controlling your focus in real-time battles. Each turn, players generate resources that can be spent researching new technology and recruiting units. After making their purchases for the round, the player can invade one of the enemy territories connected to their own.

For each battle, the player selects a female commander and then places their troop on the field. Each heroine has their own personal stat block and a set of passive skills that she provides for the battle. Once the fight starts, units advance automatically along the grid, attacking enemies in their way. Players can issue additional orders to the soldiers, commanding them where to move or even when to retreat entirely. Four active skills are available on a cooldown-based system and have to be activated manually, giving options to damage enemies or heal allies. Successful battles grant victory points to the player, which are meant to be spent in the management phase.

Conquering territory, as well as defending from counter-offensives, leads to new story segments played out in a visual novel style. There are over 50 animated CGs to discover for the game’s 9 heroines.

Sirberia Front is now available on JAST USA for $14.99. In the past, the game also released on DLsite, where it remains available for $13.43 (estimated from ¥1,980), as well as on Steam, where it can be purchased for $14.99.

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