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You’ve been banished. 傾世遊庵’s alchemy-centeric RPG, has been published on Steam by WASABI entertainment.

You’ve been banished. is an RPG Maker game in which players follow Licia, a brilliant alchemist who spends most of her days researching and experimenting in isolation. In the Kingdom of Malchut, the largest magical nation in the world, she was well known for her alchemical genius, being the youngest person in history to graduate magic school and even being made an exclusive member of the Alchemy Association. Everyone in the Kingdom held a high opinion of Licia until committed a taboo: she created a powerful aphrodisiac, known as “Eclipse.”

As punishment for her crime, she was banished from Malchut, had all her possessions confiscated, and forced to live as an outcast. Despite this misstep in her life, Licia still wanted to make a name for herself in the alchemy community and began work on her comeback. One day, she finds out that she is wanted by the Alchemy Association for a crime that she never even committed. In order to escape pursuers, bandits, and monsters, she must use her only skill: alchemy.

Licia is only able to use alchemy, with her actual combat prowess not being very reliable in battle. Instead of leveling up and receiving skills from battles like in other RPGs, battles in You’ve been banished. require more preparation. Players will need to collect materials for alchemy and synthesize them into items that can be used in battle. Collect as much as you can so that you’re always prepared for any situation. If you lose in battle or trigger an event flag, an H-scene will be activated, with any scenes you've encountered being unlocked for viewing in the recollection room.

About the game

Play as an alchemist on the run who's been banished from her Kingdom!

No weapons, no allies, and no human rights!

The conspiracies... The humiliation...

Use your skills as an alchemist to survive!

Game system

-A standard battle RPG. But the banished heroine is powerless.

Your only skill is alchemy. Create various items to beat your enemies.

-The basic game flow is as follows: Collect field items > Synthesize > Use item.

Collect as much materials as possible for best results.

-No leveling up required!

-You'll be asked to choose between TRUE and BAD routes.

-Once you beat the game, the recollection room will be unlocked.

You can purchase You’ve been banished. on Steam for $9.99 on Steam. There is also a free DLC available, which features additional adult story graphics.

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