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Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress, a comedy romance visual novel, is now available on MangaGamer.

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress is a slice-of-life romantic comedy about the lives of three young voice actors. Keito Nagakura works for the short-staffed production studio, Bloom, helping them collect scripts to make the recording process go more smoothly. His life gets busier when his mother has to take time off due to a slipped disc and asks him to fill in for her at her job as well, being the caretaker of an all-female dorm.

Until their mother gets better, Keito and his sister Konatsu have to take care of the Maikaze Dorm, an all-girls dormitory for voice actresses and models attending the nearby Seikadai Academy. During his stay at the dorm, Keito gets to meet his favorite idol, Yukako Kurusu, and spend more time with the hard-working voice actor and fellow classmate, Itsumi Seno. What's more, his bubbly sister, Konatsu, ends up catching the attention of Production Bloom, giving her a chance to become a voice actor as well. Keito will have to do his best to support them all over the game's 20+ hour-long story.

Itsumi Seno (Voice: Sora Haruka)

Classmate of Keito, Itsumi is nothing if not a real go-getter. Not only is she the Maikaze dorm leader, but she’s also student council president of Seikadai Academy!

But despite her best efforts, she just can’t seem to catch a break. While she has a regular gig as an extra in an anime series, there never seem to be any new jobs on the horizon that will give her that big chance she really deserves, and her agency is slowly turning its back on her. Will Keito be able to help her turn her luck around?

Yukako Kurusu (Voice: Kanau)

Yukako is the name on everybody’s lips. Known as Kurushii to her fans, her nickname comes from the fact that she's so beautiful, it's excruciating to be in her presence. With constant events and even her own radio show, she’s the hottest new idol around... but is being in the spotlight everything it’s cracked up to be?

Keito is one of her biggest fans, but little does he know that the idol of his dreams is about to come crashing into his life.

Konatsu Nagakura (Voice: Yui Kusuhara)

Keito’s younger sister is a bright and bubbly girl who’s more than happy to help fill in for Mom as substitute caretaker of the dorm.

She’s got a knack for cooking and an encyclopedic knowledge of voice actors, but the manager of Production Bloom sees something else in her... the potential to become a star voice actress! When Konatsu finds herself flung into the deep end of this complex and confusing industry, who better to turn to for support than her loving older brother?

Ninki Seiyuu: How to Make a Pop Voice Actress is now available on MangaGamer for $39.95. In the past, the visual novel was released on Steam and Johren, where it remains available for $39.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately, using a free patch found on Johren.

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