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Villainess Quest ~Kalgos’ Temptation of the Red Ranger~, a superhero-themed RPG, has received an AI translation on DLsite.

Villainess Quest ~Kalgos’ Temptation of the Red Ranger~ is a super sentai RPG. Players take the role of Life Ranger Red, a proficient superhero fighting against the evil organization, Kalgos. One day, after returning to his base, the Red Ranger realizes his entire team was kidnapped by Kalgos in his absence. It's now up to him alone to storm into the enemy's hideouts and rescue his friends.

Throughout the adventure, players will follow Red into various bases of the Kalgos organization, battling against its four leaders: the trap master Honey Queen; the hypnotic jester, Lily Bomb; the seductive ninja, Hebi Hime; and the mastermind magician, Gilgia. Together, the four serve the Death Kalgos and, on his command, plan to seduce Red to thwart his efforts and stomp his motivation to stand against evil.

Much of the game is built around traditional RPG dungeon crawling and exploration. Enemy bases are full of traps and enemies, many of whom have to be faced in turn-based battles. Red’s opponents are all women, who will readily abuse him if he falls down in combat. The game features three endings to experience and over 20 CGs to unlock.


Life Ranger: the group of heroes that protects the city from the evil Kargos Organization...

One day, leader Life Red finds the team's security system busted, and all his fellow heroes missing.

It's finally happened -- Kargos has kidnapped all the rangers! It's up to Red to take them on alone and free his friends.

But he may be playing right into Kargos' hands.

[Game Summary]

A rape-based RPG with absolutely no reversals!

Fight your way through the vilainesses' hideouts and defeat the dirty fiends!

Defeat means violation, humiliation, and more!

Transform to knock out grunts in one hit, but make sure not to get knocked out yourself...

Villainess Quest ~Kalgos’ Temptation of the Red Ranger~ is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $7.83 (estimated from ¥1,155) until September 11th, at which point it will cost $11.18 (estimated from ¥1,650). Once you purchase the game, you can download the AI translation patch for free.

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