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Artoonu has published fantasy eroge The Hero gives Up! … Wait, what!? on Steam.

The Hero gives Up! … Wait, what!? is a short comedic eroge by artoonu, who also worked on kemonomimi stories such as Cats in Heat - Summer Fling and Retired Hero Gets Slaves. In this game, you are the world’s hero, chosen to eliminate the Demon Lord and restore peace. On his adventure, he travels to different lands and accepts new companions into his party. Will he accept his role with pride or leave it for something else?

There are five girls: including humans, a dragoness, an elf, and an angel. Each character has one sex scene and multiple variations. You’ll be making multiple decisions during the story and the sex scenes, which let you decide how you want to progress each scene. Like artoonu’s previous games, you'll be able to decide whether you want to cum inside or outside, if you want to cum on her breasts or face, and if you want fuck a girl gently or roughly. The H-scenes include acts such as handjobs, anal sex, blowjobs, public sex, and more.

The adventure continues even without the Hero!

- In this Visual Novel follow the story of the newly appointed, against his will, Hero! Meet new companions and together face the Demon Lord!

- Express yourself through multiple-choice options! Are you the man this world needs or will you play the role you've been given and hope for the best?

Fantasy world story!

- Immerse yourself in the anime-inspired world! Will the group be able to navigate through the Enchanted Forest and defeat the evil sorceress?

- Colorful and diverse characters, an engaging story, and lore bring this tale to life!

Several Event CGs!

- Each of the 5 sex scenes has two different illustrations/poses and a few variations depending on your choices or scene progression!

- See important story points illustrated! Getting closer to the girls, getting a handjob from a drunk dragoness, cumming on her face!

The Hero gives up! … Wait, what!? is available on sale from Steam for $2.54. After September 14th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $2.99.

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