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Playmeow Games has published Malicious Reload II, the sequel to UNDER HILL’s 2D shooter game Malicious Reload , on Steam.

Malicious Reload II sequel to Malicious Reload, a side-scrolling shooter following a novice agent who is sent to investigate an abandoned village. The gameplay is similar to the previous one, but the stories and heroines are different. In Malicious Reload II, you play as Stella, a medical intern living in the city. One day, she noticed that every human being in the city had completely disappeared. What took their places were strange dark figures. She hid in her home and observed everything from her window, but she couldn’t stay like this forever. Stella left the safety of her home to explore the city, where she could attempt to find the truth behind this catastrophe.

You are able to shoot and dash around your enemies. Collect stronger guns and more ammo to make it easier to kill the creatures. Every time you dash, you use up a portion of your stamina, but it will recharge on its own. There aren't any recovery items in the game; instead, you're able to recover your health whenever you save your game. If you end up getting defeated by an enemy, you will be shown a sex scene.

■ Synopsis

Suddenly one day, the humans completely disappeared from the street...'What the hell is this ...?

Stella Turner, a medicine intern hiding at home and quietly observing what was going on outside, took a certain course of action.

Traveling and exploring the city where strange things lurked, she was getting closer to the truth of what happened, step by step…

■ Sex scenes, etc.

28 CGs26 pixel animations

You can purchase Malicious Reload II on sale from Steam for $4.49. After September 12th, the sale will end and the game will return to its usual $5.99. There is also a demo available so you can test if the game works on your PC.

If you face any problems getting the game to run properly, try changing the system locale to Japanese and reopening the game. You can find more in depth directions on the store page.

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