Putting the D in the double D.

Galen Games has launched a Kickstarter for Dual Chroma, a mystery adventure and the latest entry in a series of romantic fantasy visual novels.

Galen Games are creators of multiple visual novels, including Deliver Us from Evil and a story series in the same world as Dual Chroma, containing two mainline titles and a side entry taking place on the seas. In an attempt to expand their world even further, the team now seeks to crowdfund the development of the next, larger entry in their established universe.

Dual Chroma will put players in the role of a new advisor to the Second Prince of the Galen Empire, Keldran. The heroine comes from a line of violet mages, but is the first to realize the powers of her bloodline in a long time. She’s given a chance to prove herself by aiding Keldran, whose family ruled the human Empire ever since the unification — an event that took place during the war against the Ashen. Having been driven away in the past, these ancient, gargoyle-like monsters have begun to attack once more.

Despite rumors about his arrogant nature, Keldran shows himself to be cunning and—at times—romantic. With your aid, he makes plans for a way to ensure the Empire’s relatively peaceful existence, battling the evils returning to his lands, and solving the schemes playing out in his court; however, with monsters and mysteries alike at play, his advisor will play a crucial role in determining the fate of these lands.

Dual Chroma is expected to feature over a story spanning 100k words, drawing on themes of romance, adventure, and mystery, with eight endings to discover. At times, players will also have the option to take part in turn-based RPG battles, punctuating moments of danger throughout the story—though the feature will be optional. Characters will be brought to life with partial voice-acting and lip-sync. Furthermore, thanks to the funding gathered so far, two erotic scenes will be included in the story.

The base crowdfunding goal for Dual Chroma was $13,744 (estimated from £10,992). With a week still to go, the team at Galen Games managed to reach their desired funding goal, giving them the chance to realize the project as originally intended. Recently, the project has gained enough funding to cross the stretch goal for two NSFW scenes to be added into the game. Galen Games is still accepting pledges, with plans to include a male MC option if enough funds can be raised, as well as offering additional rewards for supporters.

Those who pledge about $21 (estimated from £16) will receive a digital copy of the game upon its release alongside a set of wallpapers. Further tiers offer access to a digital art book and OST, keychains, stickers, choice of a voiced name which the characters will say aloud, beta access, and even a Kickstarter-exclusive physical copy of the artbook.

The team hasn’t announced a planned release date for Dual Chroma yet, but has been working on the concept since 2020. They trust that with their experience in making visual novels, they will be able to deliver the game successfully. You can check out a demo for Dual Chroma on Steam and Itch.io, as well as support the project yourself on Kickstarter. The campaign will last until September 15th, 10 AM PST.

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