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Quarta Amethyst, a dungeon crawler by Kudarizaka Ga-dore-ru, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam, GOG, and their own storefront.

Quarta Amethyst is a fantasy dungeon crawler in which players take control of the titular heroine as she departs to a monster-infested forest. Amethyst is a nearly-invincible knight of the Quarta Order, highly regarded for her combat prowess. She’s tasked with exterminating the inherently-evil monsters known as the Olicts, disrupting their gatherings while investigating their schemes.

For much of the game, players will explore a forest that has become a gathering hotspot for the Olicts. The game’s primary focus is on its turn-based battle system: Amethyst has access to several powerful skills and is close to being unkillable in direct combat. To stand a chance of defeating her, monsters rely on weakening Amethyst with a multitude of status conditions. There are over 50 debuffs in the game, up to 30 of which can affect Amethyst at a time. To best the game's various encounters, players have to find time to dish out damage while making sure the heroine isn't weakened to the point where she’ll be bested before her next turn.

Most of the status effects are caused by erotic attacks. Among the 16 types of enemies present in the game, each has 3 kinds of sexual abuse they can subject Amethyst to. In total, the game contains over 1,500 CG materials, which pair with art of the heroine's poses, creating staggering amounts of potential images depending upon the various situations. There are also 16 base defeat CGs with many variants.

As Quarta Amethyst, the strongest knight in the Quarta Order, battling Olicts is your responsibility. When you discover that they've set up a den in a forest near a settlement, it's time for you to take action.

What's behind the Olicts' increasing activity? What are their plans? Most importantly, can you put a stop to them without falling for their fiendish traps?

Play as a near-invulnerable magical knight in this turn-based RPG where it's the debuffs, not the damage, that pose the real threat. You'll have to explore multiple dungeons, do battle with the evil Olicts, and avoid their devious array of debuffs if you want to get to the bottom of their plans.

Quarta Amethyst is now available on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $11.69 until September 8th, at which point it will cost $12.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately with a patch found on the publisher’s website. The GOG version uses an unrated DLC instead.

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