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The Genesis Order, a mystery-centric RPG by NLT Media, is now available for purchase in early access on Steam.

The Genesis Order follows the story of William, a somewhat lazy detective who tends to slack off at the office. As his boss is steadily running out of patience, William is given a task to prove himself: something has happened at the monastery, and it might involve a cult. While investigating the area, the young detective comes across a mysterious object, which gives an angel the opportunity to deliver him a warning: the world at large is in danger, but there might still be time to save it.

For the most part, The Genesis Order is a mystery adventure. Players are given various tasks to accomplish by searching for clues and solving puzzles. This is mixed with an RPG-style gameplay format, letting players freely explore the town at their pace, as well as to develop William’s stats, which need to be high enough to access certain areas. The game is primarily focused on exploration and brainteasers, with no combat or action segments in the game.

As William helps those in need and looks for any clues surrounding the supernatural mystery, he will often be rewarded with romantic favors from the women involved. Many of the scenes in the game are fully animated with 3D cutscenes. Despite being in early access, the game already features over 3,000 animations, involving both casual and group sex scenes.

To make your investigations more spicy and breathtaking, you will meet the most gorgeous and unique cast of women that any junior detective could wish for. Will you enjoy the fields with a sexy farmer beauty or commit sins with a hot nun from the cathedral? The possibilities are many, and all of them will drive you wild!

Experience a fascinating story filled with mystery, twists, and shocking reveals! Complete side quests and interactive events, and explore North Santiva's deepest secrets! Collect and sell artifacts found in ancient ruins, decorate your house to conquer the heart of sexy ladies, and much more!

The Genesis Order brings over 3000+ high-quality animations jam-packed with hot and thirsty women waiting to be pleased! Do you think you can satisfy all their lust and desires?

During your explorations in North Santiva, you will face puzzles requiring you to prove your deduction and detective skills. As you beat them, you will unlock special rewards and extras!

The Genesis Order is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

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