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Kuroinu 2 Redux, a dark fantasy nukige by Liquid, has become available for pre-order on JAST USA and MangaGamer.

Kuroinu 2 Redux is a sequel to the original Kuroinu, taking place a hundred years after its predecessor. The Service Nation established by the Mercenary King Vult became a prosperous bastion of hedonism. Its immoral laws and obsession with pleasures and disregard for the rights of others have caused the remaining kingdoms to despise it. In a bid to end its wanton immorality, the neighboring nations banded together and created the Holy Alliance in opposition to the Service Nation and its empress, Ladomira.

The empire’s army consists of fair and dark elves, as well as the foxkin and halflings. Their efforts are ultimately thwarted, as Ladomira’s greatest commander, Derek Rondo, manages to stop the Holy Alliance’s hordes in their tracks and defile their officers. Many hail him as an equal to the old Mercenary King, whose ambitions eventually match the title. Derek decides to turn his blade against the tiefling Ladomira, aiming to take both the nation and the empress for his own.

To the west of the continent of Serenus lies a land of depravity and desire known as the Service Nation.

Founded over a hundred years ago, this nation represents the apex of corruption and prosperity.

Possessing an overwhelming and otherworldly charm, the Great Adulteress Ladomira wields this power to rule the Service Nation as its empress and indulge in a life of pleasure.

As they carry out hunts in the neighboring nations to obtain sacrifices of pleasure, a tale of pillage and tragedy unfolds.

The neighboring nations have united to form a Holy Alliance to oppose the Service Nation and put an end to its wanton immorality.

They launch an all-out assault to overpower the Service Nation, surrounding them from all sides.

But before they can overthrow them, a single man stands in their way.

Derek Rondo, commander of the Service Nation’s army, and said to be the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult, the founder of the Service Nation.

Under the orders of Ladomira, Derek defeats the allied armies that surround the Service Nation and chases them off. However, he holds another desire in his heart... the desire to usurp the throne.

Derek burns with ambition to take down not only the maidens of the allied armies, but even the empress Ladomira, and claim everything for himself.

Kuroinu 2 Redux is now available for pre-order on JAST USA for the promotional price of $19,99, where it will later cost $24.95, as well as on MangaGamer for $19.96, where it will then cost $24.95. The visual novel is planned to be released before the end of this year, at which point it will also be available on Steam.

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