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Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses, the third entry in Dark One!’s hospital drama, is now available for pre-order on JAST USA.

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses is the third entry in a visual novel series by the Dark One!, based on a manga series by kameyama shiruko. The story began with a young man, Yamada, ending up at a hospital with both of his hands broken. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Yamada has a rare condition which gives him excruciating blue balls if he doesn’t orgasm every three hours or so.

With his hands locked firmly in casts and bandages, the duty of keeping him ejaculated fell on the nurses. The job of jacking off a patient time and again made them feel degraded, and they freely began expressing their disgust for Yamada right away.

Since then, the young man discovers that the hospital is infamous for more than just disgruntled nurses. The institution is tied to the criminal underworld, using its facilities to produce drugs for added profit. During Yamada’s stay, it was discovered that his semen could be used in the hospital’s business. The hospital did promise to compensate him for it handsomely, but unbeknownst to them, undercover cops were already investigating the illicit activities. All the while, Yamada needs to be serviced around the clock.

—They call me Yamada.

I'm just an ordinary student, hospitalized with two broken arms... except for my strange and incurable condition, which sends pain spiking through my balls if I don't nut every three hours.

Unfortunately, the hospital where I'm being treated has got a certain reputation. Word has it, the place is staffed exclusively with the absolute worst people ever to call themselves nurses... and if anything, the reality has turned out to be worse than the rumors.

The most miserable part of it all? The nurses were only the beginning.

Illegal drug manufacturing? Check.

Illicit ties to the criminal underworld? Check.

Police officers infiltrating it all undercover? Check.

They're quarantining me in my own ward, now.

They'll pay me six mil a year just to milk me for cum.

Somehow, I've found myself at the center of every ambition and ever plot, and every new force that enters the fray only seems to drag me further under.

What's right in this situation, and who's wrong?

What constitutes a crime, and who's going to punish it?

Will I ever be able to find the answers? And even if I do—do I have any hope of leaving this hospital alive...?

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses is now available for pre-order on JAST USA for the promotional price of $15.99, where it will later cost $19.99 at full price. The visual novel is scheduled to be released on October 13, at which point it will also be available on Steam.

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