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Revenge of the Orcs: Flag of Conquest, Dieselmine’s strategy visual novel, is now available for purchase on MangaGamer.

Revenge of the Orcs: Flag of Conquest is a Dieselmine title that was published in English by Shiravune. The visual novel follows Org, an orc who returned home one day to find his village in ruins. The various homes of the village were reduced to ash, with three beautiful killers standing upon the lifeless bodies of his brethren. After they had left, Org searched the village in hopes of finding survivors, but found none. Org mourned their deaths and cursed his own weakness until he was approached by a slave trader, who asked Org if he wanted revenge against the women who slaughtered his village. Even despite the slave trader being a human, the enemy of orcs, he was willing to accept any help to ruin the lives of the three murderers.

Org must build his own army to defeat the princess knight, elven priestess, half-oni warrior, and their armies to get his revenge. As the player, helping your army grow will require hiring and training mercenaries to raid human towns and capture prisoners, the latter of whom can be sold to the slave trader for more gold. Upon defeating one of the main heroines, you'll have the option to keep her as your own sex slave or sell her off to the slave trader. The game's ending will change depending on whether you choose to sell them or not.

Princess Knight Lina

A princess knight hailing from the Kingdom of Estye.

Traveling far and wide, she rids the realm of human-hating monsters. Feisty on the battlefield, she is in fact gentle-natured and despises conflict. Trusts friends and allies dearly as irreplaceable “sisters-in-arms.”

Priestess Artie

A young elven priestess who fights using holy and healing magic.Held in noble regard even among elves, but can be overly idealistic at times. Haunted at being powerless to stop the literal rape of her village by orc hordes, she fights alongside Lina to vanquish their world of all monsters.

Half-Oni Warrioress Belka

A tanned, buxom half-oni with an amazonian build and a single, large horn.Swings her great sword with ogrelike strength, toppling even larger monsters. Relied on as the group’s negotiator and a “man repellent” of sorts. Taciturn but caring, she often follows up on the more easily riled Lina. Humans treat oni as a race unto themselves as with dwarves and elves.

She-Devil Dies

A she-demon who once wreaked chaos as the right hand of the Demon Lord.

After a hero brought them both to heel in epic battle, he sealed off Dies’s powers, leaving her to a life of self-exile with only a tenth of her strength remaining. Despite her weakened state, she remains feared by humans to this day. As for Org, whether or not he befriends her will depend on his words and deeds... Easily hoodwinked.

You can purchase Revenge of the Orcs: Flag of Conquest on MangaGamer for $14.95. The game is also available on Steam and Johren for $14.99.

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