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Dominating eyes, a 2D action game by UNDER HILL, has been published by Dieselmine on Steam.

Dominating eyes is a 2D sidescroller set within a dark fantasy world. The heroine of the story, Shuko Tachibana, encountered a monster in her youth known as the Evil Eye. The creature cursed her with a lewd crest, which can only be removed by defeating the being itself. Wanting to free herself from the affliction, Shuko mastered the art of magic; however, in the time it took her to grow more powerful, her opponent improved as well, becoming the king of lewd curses and a master at brainwashing. She now has to face an entire army under the control of the Evil Eye in order to defeat it.

The game sports an orthodox 2D combat system, mixing elements of brawlers and platformers together. Players can dash around stages performing various attack combos, avoiding attacks, and shooting from a distance with the help of their familiar. The goal of each stage is simply to reach the end, defeating foes along the way. Shuko’s actions are limited by her mana, which regenerates slowly while she’s not attacking, forcing players to carefully decide where and how to string their attacks.

Whenever Shuko loses in combat, she will be taken advantage of by her enemies. Monsters will abuse her body in the game's 2D animations, as well as in CGs images. Most of the game’s erotic content is present within the game over cutscenes.


The protagonist of this story “Shuko Tachibana” saw the “Evil Eye” and was cursed with a lewd crest since she was young.

After many years of training, Shuko mastered the art of magic and head towards subjugating the Evil Eye to break its curse.

However, that “Evil Eye” was in fact a mutated breed and had grown more powerful and cunning over time.

The king of lewd curses and brainwashing now has an army of monsters at his disposal.


An orthodox side-scrolling action game.

Advance through the stages while defeating oncoming enemies.

When your HP drops to zero and certain enemies approach you, defeat animation will be played.

While viewing it, you can move your camera around.

*Gamepad/controller recommended.

Dominating eyes is now available on Steam for $14.99.

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