Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

The controversial official translation for Qruppo’s NUKITASHI has received a fan patch, aimed at correcting elements of the title's controversial localization.

NUKITASHI — or Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? — is a comedy that parodies the nukige genre, taking place on the Seiran Island. Here, local laws not only allow most perversions imaginable, but they also enforce a requirement to copulate upon the island's residents. Tachibana Junnosuke, a chaste believer in sex being meant to happen only with true love, comes to the island as a transfer student. A proud virgin, he soon becomes the prime target of the school's disciplinary committee, the SS, wanting to detain and deflower him as the law ordains.

In his opposition to the SS, Junnosuke launches the "No Love, No Sex" campaign, advocating against the island’s perverse laws. He’s joined by a large cast of fellow students. Among his allies is the forgettable Hotori Misaki, who doesn't like showing off her body; the school’s biggest slut, who’s secretly a virgin, Katagiri Nanase; and finally, his brocon sister, Asane. Together, the group will have to face the nymphomaniac first commander of the SS, Onabuta Ikuko, the student council president Reizeiin Touka, and the military tactician of the SS, Tadasugawa Rei.

The comedy of NUKITASHI tends to escalate so far off the rails, even within the confines of its own premise. Many were enthusiastic about being able to finally read the visual novel in English; however, its localization was not only lengthy, it suffered from an act of vandalism.

The translation was originally handled by Sol Press, a company that became defunct before the project’s completion. The company hired a translator and later passed their work onto an editor, who changed much of the dialogue according to his personal whims. Publisher Shiravune eventually gained the rights to release the game and put it out for sale in June, doing little to fix the butchered translation. The poorly-localized script included political commentary, shoehorned references to current political figures, and insulting criticisms of the game’s content and its fans.

While the publisher currently hasn’t made any announcements about changing or patching the translation in the future, fans quickly took matters into their own hands. Only two months following the game’s release, Twitter user @Y0mi916 posted a link to a patch correcting the translation.


Amongst the changes in Y0mi916's patch, much of the dialogue was altered to better match the Japanese script, including the removal of slang terms used in the Sol Press translation. The user also opted to return honorifics to the text and change the order of first and last names, in order to match the way they were originally written in Japanese.

You can buy the English version of NUKITASHI on Johren and Steam for $24.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately, using a free content patch also found on Johren.

Once you have a copy of the game, you can download the fan translation patch from YomiΔ's Twitter. A page for the improvement is also present on VNDB.

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