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A photographer uncovers a private mansion full of sexy maids in the BDSM visual novel House of Maids, available on Steam.

House of Maids is a nukige in which a young photographer travels to a remote island to do a photoshoot with the model Jessie. While there, he explores around the island and discovers a luxurious mansion with sexy maids in latex uniforms. The promiscuous maids greet the photographer, but the mistress of the house doesn’t like outsiders being around her servants. The photographer can make this tropical island his own sexual paradise, but how he does it is up to you. Will you create your own harem or be disciplined for your stubbornness?

Explore your surroundings and romance the girls to unlock H-scenes. Most actions are under your control. You decide where you want to go, where to do photoshoots, what sex acts to do, what to say, and how to say it. Keep in mind that what you choose will affect the scenes and the ending. The H-scenes include multiple kinks, such to suit everyone’s tastes. Scenes include acts such as femdom, maledom, piercings, pegging, futanari, lactation, anal, bondage, public sex, and much more. There are also thirty-six achievements and eight secret art pieces to collect.

Gameplay features:

- High-quality animated characters

- Interactive sex scenes with various girls

- Kinky BDSM scenes

- Photo shoots with different girls

- Branching dialogues with characters

- Meaningful choices which define the adventure

- Multiple endings based on player choices

- Unlockable CG art gallery

You can purchase House of Maids on sale from Steam for $9.34. After September 6th, the sale will come to an end and the game will return to its original sales price of $10.99.

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