Putting the D in the double D.

AIKAGI After Days, a kinetic visual novel about a couple spending their first summer together, has been released on Steam.

AIKAGI After Days is the sequel to AZARASHI SOFTWARE’s previous title, AIKAGI. The first game was centered around how Sunohara Nozomu started living together with his childhood friend, Takanashi Shiori. Since the second game continues from where the previous game left off, it's recommended to play the entries in order. AIKAGI After Days takes place during the summer. Nozomu and Shiori have passed their college entrance exams and plan to spend the summer together for the first time. It’s a chance for Nozomu to see another side of his girlfriend, the thought of which makes his heart race.

The two of them plan to make the most of this summer and enjoy all the different activities that the season has to offer. Players will see plenty of moments and situations that not present in the previous game: the couple will will travel, go shopping together, spend a day at the water park, watch fireworks during the festival, and more. Players will get to experience a slice-of-life visual novel that follows a shy romance between two childhood friends-turned-lovers.


On Christmas Day, Sunohara Nozomu confessed his love to his childhood friend Takanashi Shiori, and the two started going out. After spending winter together and passing the entrance exams, they started going to the same college together come spring. Now, their first summer as a couple awaits them. Although they've known each other since childhood, they've never played together during summer vacation before.

"Let's make a proper plan for summer, so we can make the most of it!"

Nozomu suggested, and Shiori smiled.

"It'll be our first summer vacation together, after all... "

Two whole months of vacation... that the two of them can spend together! Imagine Shiori in her airy summer clothing, or in a swimsuit... Every season reveals new, exciting aspects of the beautiful girl, making Nozomu's heart pound in his chest.

"This summer is going to be so much fun!"

The best summer of their youth is about to begin!

You can purchase AIKAGI After Days on Steam for $19.99. Don’t forget to download the adult patch from Frontwing's website.

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