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License to Breed, Miel's nukige about a young man part of a wealthy family, has been published on Steam by Cherry Kiss Games.

In License to Breed, players take the role of a young man who is part of the prestigious Amane family. His family is famous and wealthy, to the point that even the town in which they live is named after them. While many of the protagonist's family members were known for their own accomplishments, the protagonist was mostly known for being a horny degenerate who disgraced the family name. His family sent him off to a boys-only boarding school under the pretense of whipping him into shape so so he'd become a respectable member of society. After six months, the protagonist was called back home to attend a funeral for his grandfather, the patriarch of the Amane family, and to hear his last will.

The return home was anything but welcoming, as women in town treat the protagonist coldly and look down on him. Upon his arrival at the estate, Maria, the new de facto head of the family, just hands him a cell phone with his grandfather’s will on it and a ticket back to school, telling him to leave. After unlocking the phone, there's just one message waiting in it: “Any fertile man in the Amane family must go out and breed at once! It shall be allowed any time, any place in the city. No exceptions.”

An announcement was suddenly made to the citizens of Amane Town: all fertile women must submit and have sex with the Amane family member bearing the cell phone. As the protagonist, you can have sex with any woman in town, who are obligated to follow each and every one of your demands. Take this opportunity to fulfill your wildest fantasies and get back at the women who were rude to you.

This self-absorbed gyaru has a rockin’ bod, and a rotten mouth, time to wash it out with… CUM?! This influencer wannabe is collecting a simp army with her perfect figure, untouchable in her slutty clothes, but you’ll change that soon enough and make her simp for you instead.

Petite and sweet idol Hotaru is on tour, and just so happens to be in town when it all goes down! She’s used to manipulating people under the guise of bashfulness. This won’t last long through your rule of rawdogging the whole town. It’s like she’s come to town solely to be your perfect plaything.

This martial arts chick has been giving you beat downs since childhood, taking it all on herself to teach you some discipline. Put her toned body to better use and get her to beat you off instead, and give her a spanking she won’t ever forget!

Ah, a woman dedicated to the gods. Strict and straight laced, she’s always been super nasty towards you. Her holier than thou attitude puts her at the top of your list for a pounding so divine that she’ll learn to worship a new god: your dick! Her fall from grace will be a long, sweaty, and messy one…

Hotaru’s manager Rei is a stuck up woman who grew up bullying protag kun, calling you a pig and humiliating you daily in front of others. But thanks to grandpa’s will the tables have turned, and you’re going to thoroughly enjoy personally spit roasting this slutty pig. Oink!

The confident and in control mayor of Amane Town, Maria is used to being the one in charge. This older lady thinks she can push you around, but with the revelation of your grandfather’s will, the dick down decree is in full swing, and it’s time to manhandle the top ma’am of this municipality.

You can purchase License to Breed on sale from Steam for $9.59. After September 1st, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $11.99.

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