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Studio Ginkgo’s Roguelike Auto Battler For the Queen Released on Steam

Fight numerous enemies under the orders of your queen in the strategic eroge For the Queen, available on Steam.

For the Queen is a sexy roguelike battler where you become a skeleton knight for a demon queen. In the game, you wake up in an elegant yet unfamiliar room with no memory of who you are or of your past. When you pick up a handmirror to look at yourself, you end up seeing an empty skull and are disturbed by the sight. While numerous thoughts are running through your head, a woman with horns and an expressionless face, enters the room. The woman, named Aisha, explains that memory loss is a normal occurrence for you and, to prove her point, she mentions the message carved on your shin bone. The message listed your name, said to trust Aisha, and to fight for the queen. Follow your queen’s orders and might regain your real body and memories.

Go into battle for your queen and eliminate everyone who stands against her. Each stage has multiple battles and paths to go through. Maps are procedurally generated, so your experience will be different every playthrough. Prepare your units for battle by equipping them with useful items and skills. Once you have finished the stage and defeated the boss, you can make her your prisoner. The queen will also reward you with a very special ceremony. All of the H-scenes and character sprites are animated.

Which path will you choose when you get all your memories back?

* FOR THE QUEEN is a strategic game that combines Auto Chess and roguelike elements. Combine and grow various units and items to complete your team and defeat enemies with your own strategy! Procedurally generated maps take on new forms each time, with numerous enemies awaiting you. Follow the Queen's orders, conquer the foes, and reap sweet rewards.

* Gather monsters to evolve, assign items and skills to follow the road that are randomly generated,

combat with enemies strategically, and annihilate your enemies.

* Each time you complete a mission, you will be awarded a ceremony by the queen.

Also enjoy a variety of interactive scenes with bosses who you have defeated and been taken prisoner.

You can purchase For the Queen on sale from Steam for $3.59. After August 30th, the sale will end and the game will return to $3.99.

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