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Sisters hypnosis sex2, the second installment of POISON's hypnosis-themed visual novels, has been published on Steam by PRODUCTION PENCIL.

Sisters hypnosis sex2 is the second installment of POISON’s Sisters hypnosis duology of sex games. Both games follow a similar premise: a protagonist uses hypnotism to make a pair of sisters to fulfill his sexual desires. Each entry has its own self-contained story, so it's not required to play the first game to enjoy the second one. In Sisters hypnosis sex2, players take the role of Kentaro Iijima, the owner of a popular massage clinic. While most of his customers see him as a gentleman, he has been preying on his female customers for years and pimps them out to the underworld.

Mai Miura used to work as a childcare worker before she got married to her husband three years ago. Since he's gotten much busier with his job, the pair haven’t had sex in a long while. The lack of intimacy has left Mai feeling self-conscious about her body image, so she decides to visit the massage clinic recommended by her younger sister, Ai, for a massage and some counseling. Unbeknownst to them, Kentaro has chosen Mai and Ai as his next targets. After multiple sessions of hypnosis, the sisters eventually give up their minds and bodies to a world of pleasure.

[About the game]

All text in this game was translated by machine translation.


Kentaro Iijima, the protagonist of this story, is a man who runs the recently popular Relax Bodywork Clinic. On the surface, Iijima is a mild-mannered young man with a gentle demeanor, but behind the scenes, he preys on women, sometimes pimping them out to the underworld. He has been doing this for years. One day, a woman visits his clinic.

Mai Miura, a mild-mannered married woman.

'Hmmm......... let's make this guy our next catch.'

Thus, Kentaro first of all begins to take action in order to take the woman in his hand.

Japanese voice recording (※Male characters are not recorded)

◆Game Specifications◆

Novel game that can be read by clicking.

Heroine full voice

CG mode

Scene recollection

You can purchase Sisters hypnosis sex2 on sale from Steam for $15.99. After August 31st, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $19.99. There is also a free 18+ patch with Ai’s content available on JAST USA.

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