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Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest, a fantasy RPG dating sim by nikukyu, has been published on Steam by 072 Project.

Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest is a fantasy RPG set in a village terrorized by raids from demi-humans. Orcs, goblins, and other forest dwellers have been attacking the human settlement, putting everyone on edge. As the village finally decides to put an end to the monsters' terror by setting their nest on fire, their decision is overturned by Hitori, a nun of the church assigned to oversee the village. The player joins Hitori on her mission to parley with the demi-humans deep in the forest, hopeful that she can put a stop to the aggression on both sides before the worst comes to pass.

The game is a traditional RPG, in which players explore treacherous locations, fight monsters in turn-based battles, and provide aid to those in need along the way. Much of the game is an escort quest, with the protagonist taking care of Hitori; however, when they aren’t adventuring, the nun tends to her own affairs, allowing the player a glimpse into her own life. The story can take different turns depending on how players interact with Hitori and whether they develop an intimate relationship with the heroine. To see a fruitful ending to their relationship, players have to carefully watch for the nun’s safety; if they’re ever defeated in battle, the heroine will fall victim to the desires of whichever monster overpowered the duo.

Exploring the map with the nun, she will closely follow behind the player. Although her assistance in battles may not be substantial, she can offer help when she hears the voice of God.

After going through various situations, you can even go on dates with nun! Besides her duties as a nun, you can also catch glimpses of her daily life. Increasing your intimacy level might lead to unexpected events.

The final outcome you will face, it's all in your hands, as your choices will determine it!"

• Classic RPG adventure gameplay!

• 15 basic CGs! (excluding stills)

• More than 30 H scenes!

• H-scenes include three elements: Fae rape/NTR/Pure Love!

• There are three endings in total!

• The second half of the story is filled with waves of pure love in order to highlight the fae rape and NTR!

• You can use the blessing skill to send back to the village at any time!

• Dialogue fast forward function

• CG/event recall function included (needs to be purchased from the store)

Nun and Light's Unreachable Forest is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.83 until August 25th, at which point it will cost $11.99.

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