Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

WAKUWAKU has published their comedic simulator game, Self-Defense Dojo: Secret NTR Lessons, on DLsite.

Self-Defense Dojo: Secret NTR Lessons is a simulator game that follows the life of Kouta Morimora, a playboy who sleeps around with multiple women. After having sex with a girl from the yakuza, he got in trouble, so he went into hiding at a judo dojo. While Kouta is there, he decides he can teach the girls there about self-defense, but he plans to do more than show them judo throws. Many of the women who attend the dojo have boyfriends or husbands, but that doesn’t stop him from getting pussy.

This game runs on a daily cycle and each action will cause time to pass. You also have the option to fast forward if you would like to. During the morning, you can train with one of the girls. During training, you can grope and molest her in the struggle. After each sparring session, her level gauge will fill and once she has leveled up, you can unlock more H-scenes during or outside of training.

The DLC, Self-Defense Dojo: Secret NTR Lessons -Aoi Edition-, adds a loli heroine to the story and an additional H-scene featuring the convenience store clerk Yui Matsubara. The heroine Aoi is a young girl, who lives near the river and falls in love with an old man who goes fishing there often. Meanwhile, Yui’s new event features H-scenes at her workplace.

Mayuko Hasegawa

Mayuko is a heavily endowed housewife with a very introverted personality.

Her husband, Hasegawa, is a middle-aged control freak of a practically impotent office worker.

Will Kouta be able to sleep with this unsatisfied bride?

Voice Material: Pincree (CV: Chiyoru)

Ayano Matsushita

A well-known young lady around town.

Right now, a high achiever in her studies at university, she also loves martial arts. Her boyfriend, Ryouta Miyazaki, is also a very talented young man, and the two plan to tie the knot after graduation.

Will Kouta be able to melt this ice queen's heart?

Voice Material: Pincree (CV: Narumi Aisaka)

Yui Matsubara

Yui works part-time at the local convenience store. This beautiful girl with her stand-out green hair loves watching movies, and heads to the movie theatre just about every day.

It seems like she's got quite the secret, but will Kouta be able to find out exactly what it is?

Voice Material: Pincree (CV: Namuru Kurusu)

Rika Ijuin

A mysterious girl who has mastered every martial art under the sun.

When she first met our protagonist, she had a strange proposal for him. If he lost to her in a match, he would have sex with her.

With Rika's demands squarely on the table, just what fate lies in store for our hero...?!

You can purchase Self-Defense Dojo: Secret NTR Lessons on sale from DLsite for ¥2,178 (estimated $14.98 USD) and the DLC for ¥330 (estimated $2.27 USD). After September 11th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of ¥2,420 (estimated $16.64 USD). There is a demo, unfortunately it is only available in Japanese and traditional Chinese.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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