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Following Clover Day’s Plus release on JAST USA, Steam, MangaGamer, and Denpasoft, JAST USA is also holding a sale to commemorate the release.

Clover Day’s Plus is a visual novel developed by ALcot, which follows the story of a youth who grows up and fulfills a long-standing promise. As a kid, Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and left to live in an orphanage in Britain, until he was eventually adopted by Takakura Yoshiomi, a trading merchant. Yoshiomi takes him to Japan and raises him with his two sisters, Anzu and Anri. Even when Yuuto struggled with learning Japanese, his sisters were always there to support him. He was also able to make friends in elementary school with the timid theater girl, Tsubame, and the hard-working Izumi. Yuuto shared both the greatest and saddest moments of his youth with his friends and sisters. The bond that formed between them was unbreakable, but none of them quite understood the concept of love back then.

After ten years, the town Yuuto grew up in has since changed significantly, but there are some aspects to it that remain the same. The two identical twins that used to play with Yuuto and his friends, Hekiru and Hikaru, have returned — and they still harbor the same feelings as they did in the past. The time spent rekindling these old relationships will be known as their very own “Clover Days.”

In commemoration of the release of Clover Day’s Plus release, JAST USA has launched a sale featuring ALcot’s other titles, including:

You can purchase Clover Day’s Plus on sale from MangaGamer for $27.96 and Denpasoft, JAST USA, and Steam for $27.99. When the sale ends, the game will return to its original sales price of $34.95 on MangaGamer and $34.99 everywhere else. If you plan to buy the game on Steam, remember to download the 18+ patch from NekoNyan’s site.

Additionally, JAST USA’s ALcot sale will be live until August 25th.

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