If you build it, they will cum

Netorare Wife -Yukiko- 20 Years After Marriage,Hot Bamboo’s first netorare visual novel, is now available on Steam.

Developed by Hot Bamboo, the same developer behind Isekai Slave and Keiko-san (47) my co-worker is a single mother, Netorare Wife -Yukiko- 20 Years After Marriage is a nukige visual novel about a husband and wife whose lives are being warped by debt. This will be the developer's first game themed around netorare. In the story, Goro managed to land himself and his wife, Yukiko, into debt by investing using his company’s money. To avoid the threat of debt collectors and police alike, he asks his junior at the company, Takahashi Nishio for help. Nishio happens to be the son of the company president, so he has the connections to save Goro— but his help will come at a heavy price. If the couple wants to be freed from their debt, Yukiko has to have sex with Nishio. Goro agrees to these terms, uncertain if he'll end up regretting his choice at the end of this.

Netorare Wife -Yukiko- 20 Years After Marriage features around forty-five to sixty minutes of playtime. The game's sex scenes are animated and feature sexual coercion, netorare, big breasts, masturbation, blowjobs, public sex, impregnation, and sex toys.

In this game, there will be a lot of sensitive content such as scenes in this game involving sexual scenes of women who are 41 years old (milf content).

And for the next game, might involve women aged 18 and over in the game scene.

Sensitive topics that you might find are discussions about sensitive parts of a woman's body, soft sexual assault (like coercion but not extreme violence), Ntr content / Netorare Genre.

This game contains adult content, including: sex scenes, nudity, kissing, intimate parts of the bodies of adult men and women, soft sexual coercion, Netorare content / Ntr.

Adult content that you will see in this game: big breasts, masturbation, sex toys, impregnation, Milf, public sex, pubic hair, armpit, sweating, uncensored, blowjob, seft sexual harastment, romance, NTR.

You can purchase Netorare Wife -Yukiko- 20 Years After Marriage on Steam for $8.99.

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