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Life With a College Girl, Boru’s cohabitation simulator, has been published on Steam by Playmeow Games and ACG creator.

In Life With a College Girl, you play as an engineer with a decent salary. Besides your job, there isn't much else going on in your personal life, with no friends or love interests to spend time with. After going onto a sugar daddy site, you find a girl named Snow and meet up with her out of boredom, where you discover that Snow is a hot college student with some rather straightforward requests. In only a single day, she's already asked to move in with you before the end of winter and take her virginity. She doesn’t even want you to wear a condom during sex, claiming she's on the pill.

As you and Snow live together, you slowly get to know her better, but there seems to be some information she would rather not share with you. Even though she's quick and willing to do any erotic act with you, she never openly expressed how she felt about you, calling into question the kind of relationship you even have with Snow. It's questionable enough to make you wonder: will your feelings grow into love or melt away like the fallen snow?

The gameplay involves players performing certain actions depending on the time and day. In the morning, during weekdays, you can watch TV, talk to Snow, or go to work and earn money; on Sundays, you can go out on trips with Snow; during the evenings and on any day, you can have sex with her. The money you earn during work can be used to buy items and clothing for Snow. Your purchases not only unlock cute new outfits for Snow, but also new roleplay ideas to try during sex.

◆Game features

◇25 basic CGs, including more than 300 differentials

◇Game text: 120,000

◇One main female character

◇Romantic simulation game

◇Game endings: 2 types

You can purchase Life With a College Girl on sale from Steam for $9.34. After August 22nd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $10.99.

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