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A second wave of games published by Shiravune has appeared on JAST, MangaGamer, and Kagura Games.

Earlier this month, we wrote about publisher Shiravune expanding their sales offers outside of Johren, making their catalog of games available in other stores. The initial announcement featured some of the most popular games published by the group, but it was still far from their entire collection. In today’s announcement, eight more games have since become available on JAST USA, MangaGamer, and Kagura Games. These new titles are:

Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away by SMILE

Marshmallow All the Way Home by Marmalade

PRIMAL HEARTS by Marmalade

PRIMAL HEARTS 2 by Marmalade

Salthe by Soiree

Study § Steady by Marmalade

Icha Icha Steady by Marmalade

Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain by KarinProject

The first game on the list, Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away, is a slice-of-life romance about a pair of friends with benefits. The story’s protagonist is a virgin well into his adulthood, making him the butt of his coworker’s jokes. Coincidentally, a childhood friend of his, Chihiro Himukai, overhears these remarks about him. Even though they hadn't met in three years, Chihiro is frustrated to learn about her friend’s bad luck with women. She offers to bail him out by becoming friends with benefits. That very night, they sleep together for the first time. Even though Chihiro claims that this new relationship is devoid of romantic feelings, the protagonist can’t help but wonder otherwise, especially with how close the two used to be in their childhood.

JAST USA - $19.99

MangaGamer - $19.95

Kagura Games - $19.99

Marshmallow All the Way Home is a slice-of-life romance about a young man working at a pâtisserie. The protagonist of this story ended up running away from home. He had no plans on what to do afterwards, ending up stranded and starving. The girls working at Marshmallow took pity on him, offering to give him some food and a place to sleep. As a new start, the young man begins working for the establishment to earn his keep. His new life begins peacefully enough at first, but working at Marshmallow can get awkward at times — the girls are obviously interested in him, and not the best at flirting.

JAST USA - $24.99

MangaGamer - $24.95

Kagura Games - $24.99

PRIMAL HEARTS and PRIMAL HEARTS 2 is a duology of romantic comedies that take place at the Ainoshima Academy. Tatewaki Kazuma enrolled here expecting a peaceful school life, but wasn’t aware of the academy’s political struggle. Its student body is divided between two student councils: the traditionalist Gekka Council, and the newer Tendo Council. Before Kazuma’s arrival, votes on most issues were split evenly, which makes him the tiebreaker. As a result, students from both council bodies end up vying for his affection, hoping to win his support.


MangaGamer: PRIMAL HEARTS $24.95, PRIMAL HEARTS 2 $24.95

Kagura Games: PRIMAL HEARTS $24.99, PRIMAL HEARTS 2 $24.99

Salthe is a somber tragedy about the life of a recently deceased actress. Having experienced the death of her body, the heroine finds herself on the liminal stage. A mysterious jester guides her through the play of her own life, forcing her to relive many of her past experiences. She’s offered a chance at resurrection if she performs well and discovers the reason behind her death. Having been a renowned actress of the Mersin's national theater troupe, she thinks back to her friends and lovers, as well as the political intrigues she was a part of.

JAST USA - $14.99

MangaGamer - $14.95

Kagura Games - $14.99

Study § Steady and its fan disc, Icha Icha Steady, are casual slice-of-life romance visual novels taking place in a snow-covered town. A young man named Reido lives here quietly, learning at school and playing with his friends. Players can join him in his daily life and help direct his romantic interests towards one of four heroines. There’s the boyish Hazuki, who loves biking; his popular school friend, Nanoka; their shy underclassman, Mai, who’s skilled at housework; and the stern upperclassman, Yuu, who tends to look after Reido.

JAST USA: Study § Steady $24.99, Icha Icha Steady $14.99

MangaGamer: Study § Steady$24.95, Icha Icha Steady $14.95

Kagura Games: Study § Steady $24.99, Icha Icha Steady $14.99

The final re-release in this batch, Suzukuri Dungeon: Karin in the Mountain, is a simulation strategy and dungeon management game. Players take the role of Kazuto, an adventurer who loses a bet to the recently-reawakened demon queen, Karin. As punishment, he’s now tasked with managing the demon queen’s dungeons, expanding the facilities, and planning defenses against looters — or rather, adventurers.

The game mixes elements from SofthouseChara’s Koihime†Musou and Suzukuri Dragon game series. Players have to manage their dungeon in a manner similar to a theme park. Traps, combat chambers, boss rooms, and entertainment facilities have to be placed along the adventurer’s path to lure them deep into the dungeon and force them to waste their gold. At the same time, the invading party has to be defeated before they can rob the dungeon’s treasure hoard.

The title features minor RPG elements, with various allies joining Kazuto on his quest. These heroines can be used to form squads with extra units to defend the dungeon and later be upgraded to acquire improved skills. Allies can also be dispatched to spread rumors about the dungeon to attract more adventurers, or given time to rest, which allows Kazuto to spend time with them and explore their personal stories.

JAST USA - $24.99

MangaGamer - $24.95

Kagura Games - $24.99

You can view all of the currently available games from Shiravune on JAST USA, MangaGamer and Kagura Games directly on each storefront.

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