If you build it, they will cum

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Mystery zone games’ point and click visual novel, Harem Inspector 2, is available on Patreon.

Harem Inspector 2 is the second installment in mystery zone games’ Harem Inspector series. This Disney-inspired game has a different protagonist and a harem to interview, so you do not need to play the first game to enjoy this one. You play as Chace Whitestaff, a novice harem inspector for the government. After sending many letters to the harem owner Adam about his harem’s living conditions without any replies, Chace was sent to investigate. After arriving at the castle, Adam tells him that he never received any letters, but he allows Chace to speak to his concubines. The concubines tell him they are here of their free will and they aren’t being abused, but each one has a secret they want to keep quiet. Can you get them to talk so you can do your job?

The game has five love interests based on characters from popular Disney movies. All the guys are versatile except for Adam, who will always be a top during sex. Navigate your way around the castle and interrogate the concubines and their master for information. Both the sprites and sex scenes are animated. The game demo has five hours of content with 50,000 words and eleven sex scenes, meanwhile the full game has twenty-two hours of gameplay with forty-six sex scenes and 220,000 words.

Experience the enchantment of love and mystery in "Harem Inspector 2" the captivating beauty and the beast-inspired dating sim game. Immerse yourself in a world where romance knows no bounds.

Uncover hidden secrets as you navigate a mesmerizing labyrinth of emotions, all while encountering captivating characters. Will you break the curse and find true love, or will you succumb to the darkness within? Discover the untold tale of love, with "Harem Inspector 2" where every choice leads to a captivating destiny.

You can purchase Harem Inspector 2 on mystery zone games’ Patreon. If you would like to try the game out first, consider playing the demo on Itch.io.

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