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Aikagura, Unholy Creation's fantasy action game, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Aikagura is a 2D action side-scroller. Its story takes place right after a lengthy war. While people were hoping to rebuild and enjoy peace following the conflict, monsters began appearing in the country of Totsuka, terrorizing its citizens. Tenkami Mitsuki, a skilled onmyo exorcist from the Onmyoryo-Chobukukata of the Imperial Court, is sent out to investigate these rumors.

Throughout the game, players explore largely linear levels trying to get closer to the source of the demonic incursion. On their way, they will encounter numerous undead and demonic entities. Mitsuki has access to a number of basic sword attacks, block and counter options, as well as special abilities to defend herself with, but may face abuse if she’s ever caught by monsters. There are 32 erotic attacks Mitsuki can fall victim to, as well as 21 unique game over screens depending on when the player was defeated.

Mitsuki can be strengthened by collecting special items, which allow her to learn new abilities. The heroine can also temporarily transform into a fox-eared demon, Okojo-no-mae, who travels within her body and feeds on the spirits she slays. While the fox demon’s move set is largely the same, she has her own passive abilities, such as highlighting traps around the heroine.


When the long war was about to end and the world was heading toward a peaceful era, the country of Totsuka was suddenly devastated by a mass outbreak of demons.

Tenkami Mitsuki, a skilled demon exorcist belonging to the Onmyoryo-Chobukukata, a demon exorcism organization under the direct control of the Imperial Court, is ordered by the Imperial Court to go to the Land of Totsuka.

*Game Description

This is an authentic side-scrolling Japanese sword-fighting action game.

You control the main character, Mitsuki, as she fights off the attacking demons and investigates the cause of the calamity that has befallen the land of Totsuka.

Aikagura is now available on Steam for $19.99 In the past, the game also released on DLsite, where it remains available for $16.71 (estimated from ¥2,420). A demo of the game is available on the DLsite store page.

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