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A Kickstarter has been launched for Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall, a sequel to A Memory of Eternity's previous game.

Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall is a new project from A Memory of Eternity. The title is meant to be an open-ended RPG where players will take part in a cyberpunk mystery plot, competing against an active antagonist with its own AI. The game will take place in the city of MoonFall, a year after the events of Memoirs of Battle Brothel, featuring an entirely new story and protagonist.

Players will take the role of a familiar: a newly-recruited vampire who’s been introduced to the undead underworld of eternal lineages. While they all lust for blood and enjoy a life of near-immortality, each vampire lineage spreads its gift through different means. As such, they stick together moreso than with other families, plotting to shape the world’s future to fit their needs. Players will get to choose which lineage they come from, as well as their character’s background and stats. These decisions will shape the events players encounter and the options available to them to make for a highly replayable adventure.

The city-state of Moonfall is one of the largest in the world. It's ruled over by an anonymous board of corporate leaders, while gangs and syndicates fight each other for influence over individual streets. The vampires, immortal and filled with ambition, gathered at Moonfall due to its political importance. In its shadows, they play the role of another syndicate, though one with much more knowledge and power than an average gang.

In their first task as a familiar to one of the families, players are asked to help in the battle against one of the immortal vampires who betrayed their kin. While you manage to successfully kill him with a sacred artifact, it’s not a complete victory. The grim reaper himself comes to collect his soul, but the vampire’s mind escapes into the web through his genius invention: a computer capable of fully digitizing a person.

Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall is meant to be an open-ended experience, though not entirely a sandbox simulation. Players will be given different potential story threads to follow, as well as the ability to ignore quests that don’t interest them — even the main vampiric plot. The game will feature an NPC representing the antagonist, who will react to the players and act according to its whims, helping make the story less predictable. Certain NPCs and factions will also remember the player’s decisions and actions, tracked through the systems of loyalty and respect, which can cause events to hold long-term consequences.

As an immortal vampire, players will be given an opportunity to form their own posse, starting the game with an old gang already at their disposal. Various NPCs can be found and recruited, including faces familiar to players of the previous games in the setting. Followers aren’t immortal, though, and will permanently die if they fall in battle. Combat takes the form of a tactics RPG, with players positioning their characters on a movement grid, spending action points on skills and weapon actions to fell their opponents.

The adult content in Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall will play out as part of its story, with certain narrative events leading to intimate encounters. Unlike A Memory of Eternity’s previous games, Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall will feature two art styles. By default, the game will use 3D models for both its sprites and characters; those who prefer more of an anime aesthetic will be able to turn the sprites and scene CGs into 2D art instead.

A Memory of Eternity needs to collect at least $45,000 to realize his vision for Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall. At the moment, there are no plans for stretch goals, with the campaign solely focused on its main target. The developer has successfully produced three crowdfunded projects in the past, and has promised to do so once again.

Those who choose to support the project for at least $29 will be offered a copy of the game as a form of pre-order. Higher tiers offer access to a lore book, a spot in the credits, as well as various ways to design elements to be included in the game.

You can help crowdfund Vampire Syndicate: Gangs of MoonFall on Kickstarter until August 23rd. So far, the project has collected $19,693 out of its $45,000 goal. A demo of the game is available on both Steam and Itch.io.

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