Putting the D in the double D.

Reincarnated in the Demon World!, Yellow Gem’s fantasy parody RPG, has been published by Medibang! JAST USA.

Reincarnated in the Demon World! is a doujin game featuring three characters from the tactical RPG, Disgaea. The game begins with a thirty-five year old NEET who fell asleep after playing the latest “Desgaia” game for twenty hours straight. After a long time, he is suddenly awoken by a penguin that looks just like the Prinnies from the game he was just playing. The Prinny tells him to go to the Netherworld Town, south of his home. When the hero arrives, he hears about three new demon girls that came to town: Etna, Flonne, and Raspberyl, all of whom were the same girls from his game. It officially hit the protagonist that he had somehow ended up in the world of “Desgaia.”

While the characters from Disgaea are an important draw of the game, they will not join your party; you must instead recruit other characters. Moreover, while Reincarnated in the Demon World! has no story and lets players freely do quests at their own pace, there is still a path to follow. The gameplay revolves around exploring the world, fight monsters in turn-based battles, craft rare items, and learn new skills. Enemies will only be visible in dungeons; when you're in the world map, there are random encounters. If you don’t want to fight the game's normal enemies, you can get the ability to escape without fail from a person in town. Characters can learn new skills as they level up, but skill books have to be purchased from the shop before they can learn a new skill.

One day, I woke up and found myself in the "Demon World"!

A traditional RPG with a few H-scenes, taking place in a small and peaceful Demon World.

It's jam-packed with things from classic RPGs, like side-view battles, character leveling, rare equipment, and a synthesis store!

You can purchase Reincarnated in the Demon World! from JAST USA for $11.99.

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