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THE ELF ~Genesis: A Story of Elves who were Betrayed and Violated~ Is Available on DLsite

Yogachika has published their fantasy RPG Maker game THE ELF ~Genesis: A Story of Elves who were Betrayed and Violated~ on DLsite.

THE ELF ~Genesis: A Story of Elves who were Betrayed and Violated~ is a fantasy RPG that recounts the fall of an elven tribe. In B.C. EL3286, an elven tribe had been experiencing constant unprovoked attacks from a goblin tribe for hundreds of years. Their villages were pillaged and bodies were used as toys to fulfill the goblins’ sexual desires. To protect themselves, they hid in the forest, developed their own magic, and trained so they could fight back, if they needed to.

Driven by their anger towards the goblins and faith in the Holy Elfina, they waged war against the goblin tribe that ravaged them in the past. Under orders of Commander Irene, a group of elves was sent to attack the goblin’s village, unfortunately the attack was a trap. Commander Irene had betrayed the elf village by making deal with a captured goblin. He told her if some elves were sent to the goblins as a sacrifice, the goblins would be too distracted with the offering to bother the elf village again. This decision made to save the elf tribe will instead lead to its destruction.

The ELF is the sequel to Elves’ Village, but you don’t need to play the previous game to enjoy this one. The game features ten cute elf girls with crying and lewd faces during rape scenes. The combat is turn-based and enemies are visible on the map, so they can be avoided unless they stand in the way of your objective.

You can purchase THE ELF ~Genesis: A Story of Elves who were Betrayed and Violated~ on sale from DLsite for ¥1,001 (estimated $6.93 USD). After August 26th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of ¥1,430 (estimated $9.90 USD). There is a short demo available as well, should you wish to try the game out first.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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