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Love n War: Hero by Chance II, a harem strategy game by Reborn Entertainment, has left Steam Early Access and is now fully available.

Love n War: Hero by Chance II returns players to the conflict in the land of Edenrion. The Drogakad Empire has launched a campaign to conquer all other kingdoms, forcing the remaining nations to defend themselves. Players take the role of a recently-appointed tactician in the Kingdom of Agedor. Unable to stop the empire on their own, Agedor is forced to march their troops through other independent kingdoms, hoping to create an alliance strong enough to defeat Drogakad by the time they reach the Empire’s border. Either the allied forces reach a critical mass necessary to oppose their aggressors, or they’ll be crushed by Drogakad’s forces along the way.

The title is a real-time strategy game, wherein each level is a skirmish played out on three lanes, with camps on either side. Players generate resources they can use to spawn units, which will march along their lane. Their goal is to reach the end and destroy the enemy encampment before being overwhelmed by the opposing army. Players can use special abilities to help turn the tide of battle, as well as deploy powerful heroines to fight alongside their forces.

Winning in battles unlocks new story segments and potential erotic encounters, in addition to rewarding players with currencies for upgrading their troops. Units can be equipped with skills and crafted gear, which may alter the troop’s class. The player’s base can also be improved through military, economic and technological research, each with their own dedicated progression tree.

The story continues where Hero by Chance left off. The fight against the Drogakan empire in the West goes on. This time, you will face the might of the empire’s legions and many new interesting opponents. You have collected strong alliances but Drogakad is a force to be reckoned with and it does not forget your defiance in the past. You are the only person who can stand against its wrath and ambition. Therefore, sharpen your skills and lead your band of female warriors to the ultimate victory.

Deployable Heroines

The hot ladies can now be deployed on the battlefield as individual units with their own unique combat skills. If they are not deployed, you can still employ their strategic skills.

New Equipment Crafting

You can also craft items that change certain units’ abilities and behaviors.

Unit Branchings

For some specific units, you can equip them with crafted items to completely change their combat abilities. For example, a melee camel cavalry can change to an archer camel cavalry with a skill that can retreat while shooting backward.

New Research & Upgrades

Research and upgrade your base to make it more formidable through three branches: Military, Economy, and Technology.

Gem System

Attach gems to your items to improve their efficiency.

Siege Battles

A brand new gameplay mechanic allows you to lay siege to your opponent’s fortress. You can deploy catapults and siege towers to scale your opponent’s walls.

Love n War: Hero by Chance II is now available on Steam for $4.99. The game's adult content has to be installed separately through a free DLC.

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