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Sugar Sweet Temptation, Recette's heartwarming slice-of-life visual novel, has been published by Love Lab on JAST USA and Steam.

Sugar Sweet Temptation is a slice-of-life story centered around Folkroll, a struggling mom-and-pop bakery. Its current head baker has been hospitalized, which could end up forcing him to sell Folkroll off to a larger corporation. Faced with the looming threat of a sale, the head’s granddaughter, Meru, teams up with her best friend, Kori, and a pâtissier-in-training, Chocolat, to keep the bakery afloat.

An unexpected guest soon joins the team: during a local holiday known as the Night of the Fairies, a young man named Crow Yamada wakes up on the roof of the pâtisserie. He has no memory of how he ended up there. Despite being directionless due to his amnesia, he takes a liking to the girls and offers to help them out until Meru’s grandpa gets well.


The head patissier’s granddaughter. Energetic and a tad overzealous, Meru is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to save the shop.


Meru’s best friend who moved in due to some family issues. Kind and levelheaded, Kōri does her best to keep Meru and the others grounded in times of distress. Lately, she’s been going out alone at night...


A patissier-in-training, she's related to the business that wants to purchase Folkroll. Despite her family, Chocolat wants to help Crow and the others in their endeavor to spice up Folkroll.


- Gorgeous, eye-catching art by Shiratama

- A delicious and heartwarming tale of miracles

- The full original Japanese voice cast

- So much cake

Sugar Sweet Temptation is now available on JAST USA and Steam for $24.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a patch found on the publisher’s website.

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