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ILLGAMES, a brand related to the recently-closed Illusion, has announced its first title: the eroge sandbox simulator, Honey Come.

ILLGAMES appears to be a new brand created as a successor to Illusion. We had previously written about the history and impending closure of illusion back in mid-July. The renowned company is scheduled to cease its activities, including the sales of games, on August 18th. As fans watched the company's final moments in the hopes of future news, one of Illusion's Twitter accounts was rebranded into a profile for a new development studio, ILLGAMES.

The social media account @Projecti18 was originally created to promote Illusion’s AI*Shoujo, though quickly ceased activities after the @ILLUSION_staff account was made. It was only with the upcoming release of ROOM Girl that @Projecti18 resumed posting content. Those old tweets are now unavailable, as the account was rebranded to ILLGAMES and began posting about their upcoming game, Honey Come.

ILLGAMES advertises itself as a new “3D beautiful girl adult game maker”. Their name is a shorthand for the terms ‘Innovative’, ‘Liberty’, and ‘Lovely’. They plan to pursue free expression while creating games utilizing innovative technologies.

The company has already announced its first game, Honey Come, which appears eerily similar to titles made by Illusion. Despite these similarities and their access to one of Illusion’s old Twitter accounts, the full extent of their relation to the latter is unknown. Currently, we’re still left in the dark regarding the reasons behind Illusion's closure, with it also being unclear how many of Illusion's developers have moved over to ILLGAMES. While working on their upcoming title, the new company is also hiring 3D designers with experience in Maya, Unity, and Photoshop.

ILLGAMES’ first title, Honey Come, will be a 3D sandbox featuring a cell-shaded anime art style and robust character customization tools. Players will explore an institution similar to the setting of Illusion’s Honey Select, which they can populate with custom-made heroines.

The character creator features a vast array of options for body and facial features, clothing, accessories, and personality. Seven personality types have been revealed on the game’s website, most of which are played by a different voice actor. The data card system will also return, allowing players to effortlessly share their characters with each other.

Players will be able to explore areas from a third-person perspective and interact with the heroines as they go about their daily lives. Depending on the way the player interacts with them — including during intimate moments — the heroines will develop their relationship with them, altering their behavior and displayed emotions.

Honey Come is scheduled to be released for Windows 10 and 11 on September 1st in Japan, priced at ¥8,800 (around $61.67) on DLsite and Fanza. There’s a pre-order bonus available for early buyers, offering a cheeky outfit of a grim reaper to those who pre-purchase the game. There have been no announcements about a potential English release at the moment. A character editor trial is available on the ILLGAMES website, though the file can only be downloaded from Japan, as it's region-locked to outside visitors.

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